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Super Seniors Meeting
November 13, 2018 
November 14, 2018 
Adult Men's Basketball
November 15, 2018 
AA Meeting
November 16, 2018 
40Plus Meeting
November 17, 2018 
Adult Men's Basketball
November 18, 2018 

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To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all


Charter Member Interviews

Charter Members on January 8, 2006

Learn more about St. Dominic Parish history by viewing the charter member video clips below.

"You Belong to Me"  Jim Mezera

"First Rectory"   Walter O"Malley

"New Church"   Bonnie Kohl

"One Man Steering Committee"   Joseph Hansen

"Center of Family Life"  Lois Marincic

"House Blessing"   William and Dona Eckhardt

"Walking the Boundaries"   Lois Marincic

"Bull in a China Shop"  Walter O'Malley

"The Remember Bench"   Lois Marincic

"Parish Picnics"    Helen Redelman

"Cupcakes for Church"   Hans and Cecelia Tauscher

"Connections Continue"   John and Irene Selas

"Deadly Parking"   Lois Marincic

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