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10:10 Thursdays
June 21, 2018 
Adult Men's Basketball
June 21, 2018 
AA Meeting
June 22, 2018 
Adult Co-ed Volleyball
June 22, 2018 
40+ Jobseekers Meeting
June 23, 2018 
Adult Men's Basketball
June 24, 2018 
June 27, 2018 
June 27, 2018 

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To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all

  The Prayer Gardens of St. Dominic

A Gift
to the Greater Honor
and Glory of God and his abiding presence and blessing in this faith community

Begun during
the celebration of the
2006 Golden Jubilee



Opportunities for Giving

The Gardens will be a place of calm and quiet, a place of joy and song, a place for groups to gather, and a place of solace

The Prayer Gardens
will grow in stages and will be enjoyed in many different ways.

The Gardens


The Shrines

Dedication Ceremony

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