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December 16, 2018 
December 16, 2018 
December 16, 2018 
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December 17, 2018 
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December 18, 2018 
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December 19, 2018 
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December 19, 2018 
That Man is You
December 20, 2018 
That Man is You
December 21, 2018 
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December 21, 2018 
Art & Environment
December 21, 2018 
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December 22, 2018 
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December 22, 2018 

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To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all

  Children's Ministry

Contact: Director of Child Ministry, Stacey Irvine  262.781.3480, Ext. 251
Lifelong Faith Formation Absence Line: Ext. 277

Document and Forms
2018-2019 Class Schedule
Safeguarding All God's Children

Children’s Ministry Opportunities for Sharing your Faith!  We are in need of help in the following ministries:

  • Catechists

  • Catechist Assistants

  • Substitute catechists – on “as needed” basis.

  • Office volunteers

  • Nursery volunteers

  • Children's Ministry of the Word (CLOW)

  • Advisory Team Members.

Mission Statement

The Children’s Ministry Program of St. Dominic Parish seeks to provide children (preschool - sixth grade) with the knowledge, experiences, and skills necessary to become faithful and fruitful disciples of Jesus. In keeping with their age, the children will assume responsibility as vital members of the parish and be able to participate in the essential mission, “To Seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all.”

Kool Things 4 Kids

  • Kids Bulletin
    The Kids Bulletin are weekly pamphlets available in the north and south narthexes of church. These pamphlets contain activities based on the Sunday Gospel. Many young children use these pamphlets during the Mass to help stay focused. Other families use the pamphlets as “take home” materials.

  • Magnifikid! Magnifikid! is designed for children aged 6 -12. It is tool to help kids follow along with the Scripture readings and parts of the Sunday Mass, explain new or different words and concepts, and offers suggestions on how to live out our faith in daily life. They are available for use in the narthexes and should be returned for other children's use.

  • - Religious education textbook site for day school and Lifelong Faith Formation classes.

Parent Information

Catechist Connection

Job Descriptions

Top Reasons for Becoming a Catechist:

  • Be Involved..."I want to stay involved in my child's education and teaching was a great way to do it."  "A church cannot survive without its parishioners working together for its success."

  • Have a say..."Involvement in the religious education program enables us as parents to have a say in the way our children are brought up in the faith."  "I want to be part of the process of motivating people to work on that friendship with God at an early age."

  • Do Something You Enjoy..."I enjoy working with kids and being with my son."  "It was excellent way to get involved and it was fun!"

  • Be Surprised..."I was skeptical about what 4 & 5 year olds could take from Sunday school.  I was surprised!  It's so important to start them out as friends & hopefully they will continue through the program together."

  • Be Good at Something…“I started teaching because I had to drop off the kids anyway, so I thought I’d might as well help out. Then I realized that not only did I enjoy teaching, but I was actually good at it!”

  • Help Improve Your Catholic Parenting…“Teaching our Parish children provides the experience of learning how our young folk perceive the world and the Catholic faith as well as an opportunity to share the values and beliefs that our faith teaches us.”
    “I have learned a lot about parenting and raising my own children in the Catholic faith through becoming a better Catechist.”

  • It is a Rewarding Experience…“I used to think that I am not the one who should be teaching since I felt that I didn’t know ‘all the answers’. But it really is a learning experience for me as well as them. And it’s okay to not know some of the answers-you
    praise them for a good question and tell them you’ll return next week with an answer.”  “The best thing about teaching in the
    program…there are too many to count! ……getting to know each child and the special gifts they have; how much they teach me!”

  • Grow In Faith & Learn…“The time spent on preparing the lesson is time spent reflecting on your own faith and knowledge.”
    “Since I did not grow up Catholic, I think it is important that I know what my girls are learning.”  “It is very faith enriching for us to look at the weekly readings from a child’s point of view. Sometimes even adults take it in better when given simplistically.”

  • Meet Wonderful People…“ I have met many wonderful people.”  “If all I did was come to Mass, all I would know would be faces in the crowd.”  “If you don’t have children in the program, it is a great way to meet other spiritual people and become
    more involved in the activities and community of the Parish.”

  • Help Nourish the Faith of Children…“The most important reason to get involved is so that we can help nourish the faith in children. If we don’t get involved, who will teach them and prepare them to be active members in the parish as they grow?”

Lifelong Faith Formation Programs

  • Sunday School (Preschool K3-K5)

    • This program meets during the 9:00 am Mass. Classes begin in September and conclude in May.

    • The Sunday program uses art, music, Scripture stories, and a variety of other activities to enable little children to participate in the faith life of the community at their own level and ability.

    • To enroll in this program, a child must be at least three years of age by September 1st, 2018

    • Sadlier textbooks are used in the program. Grade levels series are: K3: Discovering God’s Child; K4:  Discovering God’s World; K5: God Made the World

  • Tuesday and Thursday K5 - 6 Classes

    • Tuesday classes are held from 6:15 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. (No 6th grade class will be offered on Tuesdays for the 2016-2017 year.)

    • Thursday classes are held from 4:30 p.m. until 5:45 p.m.

    • Classes begin in September and conclude in May.

    • These programs provide a basic, formal religious education that is intended to support the faith development of the child in the family. A wide variety of age-appropriate learning strategies are used.

    • Sadlier textbooks are used in the program. Grade levels series are: K3:Discovering God’s Child; K4:  Discovering God’s World; K5:  God Made the World; 1st:  God Loves Us; 2nd:  Jesus Shares God’s Life; 3rd:  We Are the Church; 4th:  God’s Law Guides Us; 5th:  We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments; 6th:  We Are God’s People

    • There are family faith development opportunities provided throughout the year that families and parishioners are invited to join.

  • In addition, all levels will participate in service and prayer experiences.

  • C.L.O.W. (Children’s Liturgy of the Word)

    CLOW is an alternative worship experience for children in grades one through four. During most 9:00 a.m. Masses, children are offered the opportunity to leave the worshipping community for simplified readings and reflections on those readings. Children return to the assembly at the presentation of the gifts. Sessions are led by an adult and assisted by confirmation candidates and other high school students.

    CLOW is open to any child who would benefit from this type of worship experience. There is no registration or fees necessary for participation. The only pre-requisite for CLOW is a willingness to behave in a manner appropriate for worship.

  • Home Schooling

    While it is recommended that all children receive their formal catechesis within Children’s Ministry or day school classes, we recognize that there are circumstances where home schooling is preferred. Due to preparation and extra, exclusive activities during class time, second graders must attend formation classes. To participate in home schooling, we require the following:

    • Initial meeting (August - September) with Director and parent(s). Child(ren) may be present when age appropriate. At this initial meeting: Dialogue about mutual responsibilities, including assessment and evaluation. Fee paid. 

    • Check-in mid-year and at conclusion with the Director. Evaluation (May - June) with Director, parent(s), and child(ren). At this time, the Director will look at completed book(s), Director and family will discuss what they have learned during the year, and they will evaluate the process and make suggestions for the future. 


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