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To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all

  Human Concerns Commission

The Human Concerns Commission seeks to support our parish mission to seek, know, and become Christ, by focusing on the implementation of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy within our parish and in the greater community.” 

The Works of Mercy
Corporal Works of Mercy Spiritual Works of Mercy
  • Feed the hungry
  • Give drink to the thirsty
  • Shelter the homeless
  • Visit the sick
  • Visit the prisoners
  • Bury the dead
  • Give alms to the poor
  • Counsel the doubtful
  • Instruct the ignorant
  • Admonish the sinner
  • Comfort the sorrowful
  • Forgive injuries
  • Bear wrongs patiently
  • Pray for the living and the dead

Human Concerns Ministries

Bereavement Ministry
Funeral Luncheons Ministry
Funeral Ministry
Giving Tree Ministry
Guest House Ministry
Helping Hands Ministry
Hospital & Nursing Home Visits Ministry
Interfaith Senior Program Ministry
Knit 1 Pray Too Ministry
Lenten Outreach Ministry
Open Door Cafe Ministry
Parish Hospitality Ministry
Pastoral Visits Ministry
Prayer Network Ministry
Respect Life Ministry
St. Ben's Meal Program Ministry
St. Dismas Jail Ministry
St. Dominic Senior Group Ministry
St. Vincent de Paul Society Ministry
Separated/Divorced/Remarried Ministry
Siena House Ministry
Summer Service Series

Parish Services
Parish Services

By Eugeniusz Kazimirowski (1873-1939) (
 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Outside Resources
Outside Resources
Commission Members
Bob Boehler
Mary Karen Halmstad
Trish Holzhauer (Secretary)
Nancy Jurss
Emily Koenig
Amy Koltz
Mary Lestina (ex-officio)
Gerry Monday (Chair)
Maureen Norton
Edell Schaefer (Vice Chair)
Ted Schmidt
Gerri Schultz
Stacey Seim
Mark Otten (Pastoral Council Liaison)
John Waymel
For further information on our outreach activities or ministries, contact any of the commission members or send your questions or comments to:
Bereavement Ministry
The Bereavement Ministry serves parish families who have lost a loved one to death. The members of the ministry are trained to give comfort and support to the grieving families through phone calls, sending cards and notes, personal visits (if requested), contact during holidays, and offering additional resources if requested. It may also incorporate visiting the funeral home and attending the funeral. Each bereavement minister is responsible for communicating with and offering spiritual and emotional support to one or two grieving parish members, or family member of a deceased parish member. Bereavement ministers meet as a group bi-monthly to share successes, challenges and gain ongoing training.

Contact Person:  Amy Koltz: 414.745.6715 or
Funeral Luncheons Ministry
There are a wide variety of activities associated with the smooth function of this ministry. Ministry volunteers set up the Marcy Center and food service for funeral luncheons to assist families in the celebration of their loved one’s life. Coffee needs to be prepared. Tables need to be set with tablecloths. Food that is brought in by families or restaurants needs to be set on serving tables and refilled as needed. Afterwards leftovers are packaged and given to the families to take home. Seating and service tables are cleaned afterwards. Assistance is offered to the families to coordinate the details of the luncheon-number of attendees, time of funeral, type of food being served, and any audio-visual needs. Supplies need to be inventoried and restocked in the Marcy Center kitchen storage.

Contact Person:  Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225
Funeral Ministry
"To bury the dead" is one of the corporal works of Mercy and an important ministry within the parish. We assist loved ones in bereavement, grieving and in planning a memorable Mass for the deceased. Each member of the ministry team is called to be the compassionate outreach of the parish community. The Mass is the prayer of the Church in celebrating their resurrection, and we are called to active participation in the ministry of consolation, which is rooted in the hope that comes from faith in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Funeral ministers are trained by the pastoral associate. Volunteers include one server, who prepares the altar and serves during the Mass. He/she will receive any specific direction from either the priest, deacon or pastoral associate. There are also one or two ministers who seek out family members during the visitation to train them on how to approach the altar, where the readings can be found, how to use the microphone and where the gifts of bread and wine are located. These volunteers will light the charcoal in the sacristy during the funeral Mass and following the Sign of Peace, bring the thurible to the altar and place it on the stand. If needed, per direction of the pastoral staff, the minister might assist with the Precious Body or Blood during Communion. Following the funeral Mass, the ministers help to clean the church by removing water bottles or Orders of Worship, as well as help with the removal of the Pall, books, and aspergillum (holy water sprinkler), and bringing items to the sacristy.  The server is responsible for the purification of the communion vessels.

Contact Person:  Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225
Giving Tree Ministry
During the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, parish members donate specific gift items to Hebron House, Mothers’ Support Center, Agape Center, Guest House, Christ Child Society, St. Ben’s Meal Program, St. Michael’s Parish, the Notre Dame Sisters, and St. Vincent de Paul.  In mid-October we call each recipient organization to ask about their needs. Delivery dates are arranged. Volunteers are contacted to make the gift tags, set up the trees, and to sort and distribute the items after each Mass. The first 3 Thursday mornings in November, 10-12 people make the gifts tags. Trees are set up for parishioners to select gift tags the third weekend in November. Gifts come in the second weekend of December and are sorted and bagged in the chapel. We receive well over 1,400 gifts each year and have a core group of dedicated volunteers. More helping hands are welcome! Gifts are then stored until distributed on the assigned delivery date.

Contact Person: Diann Pergande: 262.781.7975 or
Guest House Ministry
The Guest House Ministry is a small group of volunteers who make and deliver approximately 250 sandwiches each month to be used for a lunch or meal for the Guest House Men’s Shelter located on 13th Street in Milwaukee. Volunteers usually meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 am in the Marcy Center kitchen. Ham, cheese and sandwich bags are purchased. Currently, the bread and mustard is donated. This ministry has been in existence for over 20 years at St Dominic Catholic Parish. The Guest House provides shelter, warm beds, friendly staff, and warm meals to 85 men each night and over 400 individuals each year. The first step in restoring dignity and purpose is to have a place to call home. All the guests in the shelter work one-on-one with a case manager to create a personalized plan to overcome homelessness. The goal of the Guest House is that all guests leave with permanent housing, a family-supporting income, and sustained sobriety or stable mental health.

Contact PersonGerri Schultz, 262.781.2358
Helping Hands Ministry
Ministry volunteers provide meals to parishioners who have experienced significant changes in their personal lives that disrupt their ability to handle normal daily tasks. It could be the addition of a baby, surgery, a change in health status, or a death that impacts their lives. Members of the ministry contact the families to offer meals. Meals are made, based on family preferences and any dietary restrictions, and delivered around dinner time to the parishioner’s home. The meals consist of a meat, potato, vegetable and dessert. Meals are large enough that the family has leftovers for another meal.

Contact Person: Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225
Hospital & Nursing Home Visits Ministry
Visiting the sick is one of the Church’s main corporal works of Mercy. When members of the faith community are hospitalized or in a medical care facility, they often like to receive the sacrament of anointing of the sick, a special blessing, or to receive Communion. The HIPPA law prohibits us from having knowledge that parishioners might be in a care facility. It is important that the individual, or a family member or friend, contact either the Parish or the pastoral associate regarding their need of for spiritual support. 

Volunteers are needed to help extend pastoral care and prayer to those who are ill. The pastoral associate will determine if the person is in need of anointing and in that case will contact a priest to facilitate the request.  If the person would like prayer visits and/or Communion, the pastoral associate will facilitate the request through a trained ministry volunteer. Volunteers are equipped with a pyx, Holy Communion, prayer books, and parish material to leave with the individual. Volunteers will provide feedback on any change in health status or needs to the pastoral associate.  Due to the sensitive nature of this ministry, confidentiality is required.

Contact Person: Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225
Interfaith Senior Programs Ministry
Interfaith Senior Programs is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage and support Waukesha County senior citizens and adults with disabilities in leading meaningful lives in their own homes and help them maintain their independence.  Interfaith has a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, large groups, small groups, and youth groups that include one-time commitments, such as seasonal yard clean-up, lawn mowing, or snow removal, occasional opportunities such as drivers for medical appointments or friendly visits, and regular commitments such as administrative support, food pantry or meal delivery. Yard clean up is a great opportunity for youth groups looking for volunteer hours. Individuals are usually required to complete a volunteer application. Groups will need to have a group leader who has completed the application process.For a full list of volunteer opportunities visit:

Contact Person: Trish Holzhauer: You may also contact Interfaith of Waukesha directly: 262-549-3348, or
Knit 1 Pray Too Ministry
The making of a prayer shawl is a spiritual practice which embodies our thoughts and prayers for the receiver. It is a gift freely given. Made in prayer, for prayer, the shawls are passed on hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart. A prayer shawl, knitted with love and draped over the shoulders of a sick or grieving family member, is a fitting metaphor of how our faith provides warmth and refuge during life’s greatest challenges. It is also a fitting representation of the love of the parish community surrounding them with prayers during their difficult time. This ministry began in 1998 with a group of women who participated in the first Women’s Leadership Institute at The Hartford Seminary in Hartford, CT. They began knitting shawls for women who were undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and other illnesses. A new member of St. Dominic, the daughter of one of the original women who began the ministry, formed the St. Dominic ministry in 2015. Women of the parish gather the first Thursday of the month from 4:30- 5:30 pm to knit and crochet prayer shawls. The prayer shawls are blessed during the third Friday of the month morning Mass.

Contact Person: Maureen Norton, 262.781.3480, Ext. 229
Lenten Outreach Ministry
The Lenten Outreach is a major financial, service, and spiritual outreach effort that the entire St. Dominic community participates in during Lent. The pastoral associate, together with the pastor and members of the Human Concerns Commission, determines the focus for the outreach program.  Members of the parish are able to support the program in a variety of ways – through monetary donations, volunteer service hours, fundraising support, and other unique ways to meet the needs of the organization selected.  Past outreach has included: All Saints Parish in Milwaukee, St. Anne’s Intergenerational Center, and St. Mary Magdalen Parish, where we have not only provided significant financial support, but also done structural maintenance on their buildings and beautified their landscaping.  St. Dominic parishioners have made the lives of those groups richer as we help them to grow in Christ.

Contact Person: Ted Schmidt: 262.293.3173 or
Open Door Cafe Ministry
Open Door Café is a ministry that serves approximately 100-150 hot meals and/or bag lunches, Sunday through Friday from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, and offers hygiene kits to the homeless and disadvantaged. The Open Door Café is located at St. John’s Cathedral, 812 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee. Individuals as well as groups volunteer to serve beverages and food, which are acquired through corporate donations and prepared by staff of the Open Door Café. Group size varies from 9 to 15 individuals and all are pre-scheduled by Open Door Café staff.  When serving meals, volunteers are assigned stations – beverage service, bread and utensils, dessert, and main food service line-cafeteria style. During the school year, Sunday food service is predominantly handled by various parish youth service or confirmation groups. There are more opportunities available for individuals who are able to do weekday service.

Contact Person:  Edell Schaefer: 262.439.8690 or
Parish Hospitality Ministry
Parishioner fellowship is held in the Marcy Center after the 9:00 am Mass on the first Sunday of the month from October through May. Simple refreshments of coffee, juice and donuts are provided to give everyone an opportunity to meet each other and socialize in a relaxed environment.  An order for 8 to 12 dozen donuts is placed with the local grocery store on the Tuesday prior to Sunday Mass. Eight to 10 containers of juice are purchased, and supplies of coffee, cups, and napkins are checked and purchased as needed.  By 7:00 am Sunday morning, the donuts are picked up.  Following 7:30 am Mass, volunteers set up in the Marcy Center, wipe off tables, start coffee, pour juice, cut donuts in half and arrange on trays. Afterwards, everything is cleaned-up, trash bags taken to the kitchen and tables wiped clean. Leftover donuts are donated and brought to local food shelters.

Contact Person: Diann Pergande: 262.781.7975 or
Pastoral Visits Ministry
In light of the corporal work of Mercy, “Visit the sick and homebound," this ministry is extremely important to the parish. Many parish members are homebound and unable to come to Mass on a regular basis. There are various ways to serve those who find themselves in this situation such as visiting, bringing them Communion, praying with them, and helping them overcome their loneliness. Volunteers are needed to be an extension of the parish pastoral ministry. Volunteers can visit socially with the homebound, pray with them and bring Communion. They may also relay any requests for anointing or a visit from the priest to the pastoral associate who will arrange for that visit. Visits are determined by the need of the homebound person and the volunteer’s ability to meet with them.  Volunteers are given confidential information about the individual or couple at home. Contact information may NOT be shared with others. Volunteers are trained by the pastoral associate to pray and bring Communion. Volunteers may also bring a parish bulletin, calendar or other information from the parish.
Contact Person:  Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225
Prayer Network Ministry
The Prayer Network consists of a group of “prayer warriors” who pray for the intentions of those who make a request.  Requests are received via the website, by email, or by personal requests to the chairperson or ministry member. Currently, there are approximately 80 parishioners who continuously pray for intentions. As prayer requests are received, they are shared with the network either by email or by phone. From time to time, we hear that prayers have been answered and receive words of appreciation for prayers offered. Prayer is powerful!  This is a ministry in which anyone can participate, regardless of one’s situation. To become a prayer warrior, please indicate your interest by contacting Kathy Monday below.
Contact Person:  Kathy Monday, 262.790.0535
Respect Life Ministry

The Respect Life ministry organizes activities to promote awareness of the sanctity of all life from conception to natural death throughout the year and help support local pro-life pregnancy help centers.

  • Baby Bottle Coin Collection: money collected used to support the Women’s Support Center and Life’s Connection pregnancy help center.
  •  Mother’s Day Rose Sale: sale of roses support Wisconsin Right to Life
  •  Baby Shower collection: infant items collected supports the Women’s Support Center and Life’s Connection pregnancy help center.
  • Fleece Baby Blankets: blankets made by school and lifelong faith formation students and donations by parishioners are donated to the Women's Support Center and Life's Connection pregnancy help center.
  • A Rosary for Life is prayed on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in church, weather permitting, we pray in the Prayer Gardens.
  • Respect Life Flyers: informational flyers on abortion, contraception, the death penalty, persons with disabilities, embryo research, end of life, love and marriage, and reproductive technologies are distributed.
  • Speakers: we bring in speakers on subjects such as end-of-life decisions, post-abortive support, human trafficking, and adoption.
  • 40 Days of Life: we support the local 40 Days for Life campaigns twice per year.
  • Life Chain: we participate in the annual Life Chain on the fist Sunday in October.
  • Pro-life Events: We support local events for Pro-Life Wisconsin, Wisconsin Right to Life, The Women's Support Center, Life's Connection and Eyewitness for Life.

On the first Tuesday of each even-numbered month, following the Rosary for Life, there is a ministry meeting.

Contact Person:  Bob Boehler, 262.691.9852

St. Ben's Meal Program Ministry
St. Ben’s Meal Program is a ministry of the Capuchin Community which serves the needy in the inner city of Milwaukee. Parishes and organizations volunteer to provide and serve a meal to 300+ men, women and children who come every night for food. Giving food to the hungry and drink to the thirsty is a corporal work of Mercy. The community service of providing a meal makes us aware of our own personal blessings and to share them with those less fortunate.

St. Dominic Parish members serve a meal at St. Ben’s six times a year on Fridays. Volunteers can sign up to help make the casserole, (all ingredients are provided), bake two dozen desserts, or volunteer to transport or serve the meal. Servers need to be at St. Ben’s no later than 4:45 pm and serve until 6:30 pm. At St. Ben’s Community Meal site, volunteers are needed each night to help with beverages, tables, and dishes. We normally schedule 8 – 10 volunteers each night for our meal service. It is a great way to serve and teach service for all ages. We also encourage volunteers to perform a “Ministry of Presence,” to sit with the guests, engage in conversation, meet them on their terms, and share your own experiences. That is the greatest gift one person can give to another - to be wholly present, to listen, to be attentive, to show that you care.

Contact Person: Suzette Hildebrand, 262.781.3480, Ext. 229

To sign up for St. Ben’s Meal program go to:
St. Dismas Jail Ministry
The St. Dismas Jail ministry is part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, with its own structure, meetings, officers and membership. The jail ministry helps people, regardless of age, creed, education, race, economic situation or circumstances, who have made unhealthy choices and find themselves incarcerated as a result. Many have endured abuse or may be struggling with addictions. For all of their differences they have this in common: they are paying, or have paid their debt to society, and need help to reestablish themselves. The members of the St. Dismas Conference perform many diverse initiatives including: jail/prison visitation, Bible study, Sunday prayer and Communion service, eye care services, Project Angel Tree, letter writing, and men’s and women’s aftercare. We are focused on helping incarcerated and recently released inmates explore their faith, create and grow a solid spiritual foundation with the goal of finding a place for God in their lives, and become productive members of society. We work in conjunction with the National Ex-offenders Re-entry Project, Project Return, Sophia, and WISDOM. Training and clearance is required for anyone pursuing Sunday services at the Waukesha County Jail.

Contact Person:  John Waymel, 262.790.9070
For further information:
St. Dominic Seniors Group Ministry
The Seniors Group meets monthly, except in August, and provides an opportunity for mature adults to have both spiritual and social interaction with others and keep socially active. We begin with Mass, followed by a short business meeting, catered lunch and social program or presentation in the Marcy Center. Programs range from purely entertaining, to learning experiences. Time spent visiting with peers helps to build and maintain relationships. Anyone over the age of 55, whether a parish member or not, is welcome to join. There are currently about 100 seniors who regularly share fellowship with one other. In July, a picnic meeting is held at a local park, and in December a Christmas celebration is held at a restaurant. An ongoing activity within the group is to make the baptismal bibs which are provided to all babies baptized at St. Dominic Catholic Parish.  Members of the Senior Group are also active in other parish activities.

Contact Person:  John & Rosemary Watta, 262.547.0792
St. Vincent de Paul Society Ministry
"St. Vincent de Paul of Waukesha County is a group of lay Catholic volunteers from all walks of life, neighbors helping neighbors right here in Waukesha County. Assistance may include emergency rent, utilities, food, clothing, household goods and/or referral services.  On a person-to-person basis, through a home visit, members offer help, hope, and encouragement to people in need - an ear to listen, a hand in a time of crisis and a hope to guide people toward programs that can bring lasting change to into their lives." (SVdP website)  The primary focus of our ministry is to help the poor.

The St. Dominic Catholic Parish conference meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7:00 pm in the Marcy Center. Meetings generally last an hour and a half which includes praying the rosary at the end of the meeting. A core activity is the at home visit, where a pair of trained Vincentians meet with clients to assess their needs and how we might be of assistance to them. We do this with humility, and maintain the dignity and confidentiality of those we serve.  Our many activities include: pick-up and delivery of bakery products, Back-to-School drive, Christmas presents for children of our patrons, presents for children of Waukesha jail inmates, monitoring a Help Line for calls, home visits, twinning with the Holy Trinity conference in Chile, meal service at the Hope Center, Bundle Sunday collections, volunteering at the Waukesha SVdP Thrift Store, and the summer lunch program. The St. Dominic parish conference has served the community since 1957.  We typically help more than 800 individuals annually.

Contact Person:  Belle Flannery, 262.781.5064 or Mike Mishuk, 262.951.5675
For further information:
Separated/Divorced/Remarried Ministry

This ministry is committed to the healing and recovery of separated or divorced individuals by providing pastoral care and resources to meet their emotional and spiritual needs during stressful and confusing time. Initial contact should be through the pastoral associate. 

Many Catholics, including separated and divorced Catholics themselves, are confused or misinformed about the status of divorced persons in the Catholic Church. As a result, many divorced Catholics fail to participate as fully as they can in the spiritual and sacramental life of the Church, and many Catholic communities fail to welcome and embrace divorced Catholics as fully as they should.

Divorce is a traumatic personal experience under any circumstances. It is all the more difficult when it is unexpected or unwanted, if children are involved, or if the partners are people of faith, who took seriously their commitment to be faithful “for better or worse until death do us part.” Divorce shatters dreams and betrays expectations; in many cases it destroys, in a seemingly short time, what a couple has worked years to establish and maintain. The wrenching personal tragedy of divorce creates a wide variety of powerful and sometimes conflicting emotions, including relief, anger, fear, and guilt. In addition to the practical challenges which accompany a divorce, the apparent failure of a marriage often raises serious issues of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem.
Depending on each individual’s unique needs and circumstances, ministry offerings can include:

  • One-on-one conversation
  • Small groups
  • Participation in Catholic divorce programs such as The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide by Rose Sweet, either individually or as part of a small group
  • Information on annulments
  • Notification of programs and resources available through the Quad Parishes or the Archdiocese
  • Resource links

Contact Person:  Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225

Siena House Ministry
The Siena House Ministry volunteers make 3 dinner meals each month for the Siena House Shelter in Waukesha. Siena House serves approximately 18 single adult men who may be, or may have been homeless. Meals are delivered during the day to the administrative offices of the Siena House. The schedule is coordinated on an annual basis so volunteers have ample time to plan and prepare their contributions. This ministry currently has 3 separate groups, each with 8 to 12 volunteers. Groups rotate taking meals on the 1st Thursday, the 3rd Wednesday, and the 4th Tuesday of each month. You are paired with a partner. We try to keep the meals simple so that they can easily be warmed up - chili, sloppy Joes, tacos, etc. There are also volunteers who strictly make desserts or supply snacks or fresh fruit. Food is collected on a rotating basis at volunteer homes, from coolers outside the front door, either the day before or the morning of the meal. Volunteers who are responsible for the main course will deliver the meal to the administrative offices of the Siena House. 

The men who live at the Siena House have often exhausted every other option. Many have imposed on friends and family until those relationships are broken. Some may have been living in their cars. They come to the Siena House expecting very little. The Siena House offers a safe place to heal, regroup, and plan a path forward. The Outside In Program is an innovative approach to providing a warm bed, support, and resources for the homeless to become reestablished.

Contact PersonGerri Schultz, 262.781.2358
Summer Service Series
The Summer Service Series is a collaborative outreach effort among the tri-parishes: St. Dominic (Brookfield), St. John Vianney (Brookfield), and St. Mary’s Visitation (Elm Grove).  A tri-parish planning team plans and organizes an entire summer of service opportunities at various locations. Programs serve people with different needs and circumstances. The program motivates activism, offers one-time commitments for people with busy schedules, and offers a great opportunity for service hours. The Summer Service series is published in May and made available in the parish bulletin and on the website. Events run from June through August and include a variety of activities: serving meals, sorting food at food pantries, making cookies at “Kathy’s House,” watering and weeding the SET ministry community garden, or having ice cream with the Sisters of Notre Dame while providing conversation and companionship.

Contact Person:  Mary Lestina, 262.781.3480, Ext. 225


Alcoholics Anonymous: A weekly support group that meets weekly on Fridays at 6:00 pm in the Marcy Center.  To find additional AA meetings, please visit the Alcoholics Anonymous website where you will find links to meetings in your area.

Funeral Receptions: Members provide hospitality, setup and cleanup in the Marcy Center for receptions after a funeral liturgy.  Direct catering is not provided.

Helping Hands: Members provide meals for parish families or individuals when needed due to illness, emergency or new baby.  

Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits: We will visit parishioners when requested and bring the Eucharist.  We provide Communion services at two nursing homes.

Pastoral Counseling: Pastoral counseling is available through either our priests or the pastoral associate. We are available for emotional and spiritual support, or for support during times of crisis.  Contact Pastoral Associate, Mary Lestina.

Prayer Network: This ministry takes prayer requests and distributes them through network to provide support and spiritual help to those in need of prayer.

Separated/Divorced/Remarried: This ministry can provide individual as well as group sessions to support emotional and spiritual recovery. Information on annulments is available.

Seniors Group: Parishioners 55 and older meet on the second Tuesday morning of the month for prayer, lunch, entertainment or an educational presentation.

Unemployed/Underemployed: A weekly support group (known as 40+) for older job-seekers, particularly those over the age of 40.  It meets every Saturday morning at 8:00 am in the Marcy Center. This group provides job seekers with the resources to find a job, or change careers.  For more information visit the 40 Plus of Southeastern Wisconsin website:

Welcoming/Hospitality: Doughnuts, beverages and hospitality are provided once a month after the 9:00 am Mass in the Marcy Center by the Parish Hospitality Ministry.



Alzheimer’s Association, Family/Caregiver Support Group: Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease?  Does someone you love have Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia?  We invite you to attend one of our support groups for caregivers; a safe place, where people listen and understand.  For a complete list of support groups call the Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter 24-hours toll-free: 1.800.272.3900.

Al-Anon/Ala-Teen: For information and support concerning teen alcoholism, visit the Al-Anon/Ala-Teen website where you will find links to meetings in your area.

Alzheimer's Association Carefinder:  Another source for finding care assistance is the National Alzheimer’s Association

Archdiocese of Milwaukee - Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Wisconsin Catholic Conference have put together several resources to help Catholics reflect on their duties as faithful citizens.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Office for Catholic Social Action:  This office strives to build the capacity of the diocesan Church to act effectively in defense of human dignity, human rights, and the pursuit of justice and peace.  Staff members interact with the community at large in efforts such as homeless shelters, food pantries, meal programs, welfare reform, violence prevention, healthcare, and advocacy.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Office for World Mission:  This office promotes the Church’s universal mission locally, through global arwareness, partnerships and outreach.  It is responsible for providing and coordinating opportunities for people to deepen our missionary spirit through participation in a variety of activities that include the Pontifical Mission Societies, Partners in World Mission, La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Parish in the Dominican Republic, parish international relationships, immersion experiences for adults and youth, education for mission, advocacy for global justice, missionary support, and a resource center and library.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Nazareth Project:  This office provides assistance in a broad range of matters affecting marriage and divorce.  Assistance and support includes counseling resources, New Horizons marriage encounter weekends, marriage preparation for remarriage, assistance on annulments, and Retrouvaille (a peer ministry with team couples who share their own lives to give other couples hope).

Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Tribunal:  The mission of the Tribunal is to provide justice for all persons who approach the Church's court system, particularly in matters of annulment. The Tribunal provides information, takes applications for annulment and renders judgments.

Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee:  Catholic Charities and caring go hand-in-hand.  As a human service agency their services are directed to children, teens, adults, older adults, couples, parishes and the broader community.  Services include such ministries as adult day care, ministry on aging, adoption, child welfare services, counseling, legal services to immigrants, parenting support programs, refugee resettlement, the Companion Families program, among others.  Services are open to people in need in the 10-county Milwaukee archdiocese without regard to religious, ethnic, racial or economic background.

Catholics for Peace and Justice: Catholics for Peace and Justice strives to nurture faith in action for peace and justice for all people through prayer, education, and social action where belief and actions are grounded in Sacred Scripture and the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching. They provide information on Catholic Social Teaching, current issues, advocacy and parish resources.

The Common Ground of Grief: The Archdiocese of Milwaukee and Catholic Cemeteries sponsors this monthly program led by Patrick V. Dean, M.Ed, Director of Grief Education for Catholic Cemeteries.  For more information contact Pastoral Associate, Mary Lestina, or visit and click on the link for The Common Ground of Grief.

Divorce Care / One Day at a Time: Receive an encouraging email message every day for a year. These short messages will inspire you and provide practical information to help you heal after your divorce.  A wide range of topics are covered.

Elmbrook Senior Taxi: This senior taxi serves the city and town of Brookfield,

ERA’s Senior Network (formerly Interfaith Senior Programs): The mission of ERAs Senior Network is to engage and support Waukesha County seniors and adults with disabilities in leading meaningful lives. St Dominic is an active member of ERA’s Senior Network (Interfaith Senior Programs) which seeks to help senior citizens stay in their own homes.  They provide transportation, respite care, friendly visits and assistance with snow removal and lawn care.  They are a source of volunteer assistance for elderly and disabled parishioners.

Eye Witness for Life:  Eyewitness for Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate pregnant women about their baby’s development through the use of ultrasound images. All ultrasound examinations are provided free of charge.  They compassionately support women who are considering abortion by providing an educational ultrasound examination which introduces them to the development of their unborn baby.

Hebron House:  Hebron House provides emergency housing and related services to people in transition with the basic needs of shelter, food and personal support.

Hope Center:  Hope Center is a non-profit organization that has been providing hope to those in need in Waukesha County for more than twenty years.  Hope Center is continually working to provide new and better solutions to handle the growing needs of the community.

Hope Network for Single Mothers:  The Hope Network for Single Mothers is a volunteer-based grass roots support system that provides emotional and material support to single mothers and their children in the greater Milwaukee area. Hope Network programs are designed to help mothers gain a sense of community, enhance their parenting skills, and develop self-reliance.

Lake Area Free Clinic (Oconomowoc):  The mission is simple: to provide high-quality comprehensive health care to those in need.  The Lake Area Free Clinic has been serving residents of Waukesha County who lack health insurance and whose income is at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. Clinic patients receive the medical attention, medication and practical information they need to maintain their health in a friendly and caring atmosphere. The Clinic also serves as a valuable resource in helping to locate follow-up services.

Life’s Connection:  Life's Connection provides a safe and nurturing place to turn in times of crisis and during life's moment of joy. We are a medical support and resource center helping those in need and offer referrals to outside agencies and businesses in order to better serve our clients.  They offer free and confidential services that include pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, STD testing, abortion information, options counseling, pregnancy support, parenting and childbirth education, contraception information and natural family planning education, miscarriage and child loss support, as well as marriage and family building support and crisis care.

National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI):  NAMI Waukesha is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide help to those affected by mental illness, and their families and friends.  They provide information and referrals, offer court support during commitment proceedings, facilitate support groups throughout the community, sponsor educational meetings, and advocate on behalf of those with mental illness.

Parents Place:  Parents Place, located on the eastern side of Waukesha, provides supportive programs for parents, support groups, parent education, and classes for children and playgroups.

Franciscan Peacemakers Street Ministry:  Franciscan Peacemakers’ Street Ministry started as the dream of two Franciscan Capuchin priests in 1995. Fr. Robert Wheelock, OFM Cap., and Fr. Michael Sullivan, OFM Cap., saw escalating violence in the city of Milwaukee.  Their primary outreach was to women involved in prostitution, providing an avenue off of the streets. Fr. Bob and Fr. Mike soon found that their first step would need to be more fundamental: developing an atmosphere of trust and demonstrating their genuine concern for the care and well-being of the women and their children.  Today’s ministry under the care of Deacon Steve Przedpelski is also deeply involved with human trafficking.

Pregnancy Support Services:  The ECFA's mission is to serve individuals and families in the State of Wisconsin with high quality pregnancy support and child welfare services, while demonstrating the love and hope found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Service is available for adoption, pregnancy support, and respite care.

Single Again Divorce Support: Sponsored by area parishes and hosted at St. John Vianney Parish, this group for separated and divorced meets twice a month to discuss specific topics of importance to participants.  All sessions are help at the SJV Parish Center (1755 N. Calhoun Rd) from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.  For specific information contact Mary Janowak at 262-796-3944 ext 120.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Dept. of Justice, Peace and Human Development -  The Dept. of Justice, Peace and Human Development seeks to broaden, deepen, and strengthen  efforts to share Catholic social teaching, to educate about poverty, to involve diocesan and other Catholic leaders in effective education, grassroots advocacy and action on the Catholic social mission. The Department develops electronic and other communications, action alerts, youth initiatives, educational resources and tools to help bishops, diocesan leaders and others to share and act on the Church’s social mission.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Catholic Social Teaching: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) –  The USCCB is an assembly of the Catholic Church hierarchy who work together to unify, coordinate, promote and carry on Catholic activities in the United States; to organize and conduct religious, charitable, and social welfare work at home and abroad; to aid in education; and to care for immigrants.

Waukesha County Department for Health and Human Services:  The Dept. of Health and Human Services is a County agency that provides a wide range of confidential services designed to enhance the physical and emotional function of individuals and families in Waukesha County.  The Department’s varied and diverse services share a philosophical commitment to the dignity of the individual and a belief that individuals and families can with proper assistance, positively respond to the challenges that life’s problems and crises present.  Services are available to all County residents, regardless of race, creed, color, handicap or economic situation.

Waukesha County Department of Senior Services:  The Dept. of Senior Services provides opportunities and support services to Waukesha County residents who are age 60 and older, and to their caregivers.  They are a resource for anyone who is helping an older adult.  Click to download their Senior Services Guide, an essential guide that contains information on meals-on-wheels, care options, transportation, etc.

Waukesha County Food Pantry:  The Waukesha Food Pantry is a resource for anyone who is struggling financially and in need of food.

WISDOM:  WISDOM is a grassroots organization, comprised mostly of religious congregations of many denominations, which works to have a common voice on issues of social justice. Besides the ROC Wisconsin Campaign and other efforts to end mass incarceration in Wisconsin, WISDOM and its local organizations have been active in promoting Immigrant Rights, Public Transportation, Economic Justice, Health Care availability, and more.

The Women’s Center:  The Women’s Center is an independent, non-profit human services agency whose mission is to provide safety and support to women and their families, and to facilitate their development.  The Women’s Center provides free and comprehensive services designed to address the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.

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