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School Advisory Committee Meeting
November 19, 2018 

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  School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee assists in the development and definition of policies which govern the grade school. Educational innovations are areas of responsibility assumed by the committee. Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month. Meetings are open to the St. Dominic parish community. Any party interested in addressing the committee shall contact the principal or committee chairperson no less than three business days prior to the start of the regularly scheduled meeting. The committee does reserve the right to call executive sessions. Monthly copies of committee minutes are published on the parish website and included in the digital Family Folder.

Since meetings may be rescheduled, please consult the school calendar or school office to confirm meeting dates.

Mission Statement

The School Advisory Committee of St. Dominic works cooperatively to provide vision and leadership within the school community. This vision and leadership should consider and balance the concerns and beliefs of parents, teachers, staff, students and Pastoral Council.

The School Advisory Committee strives to:

  • promote a Christian atmosphere and viable Catholic identity;

  • foster high standards of spiritual, academic, and social growth;

  • develop and define fair and just policies.

Meeting Minutes

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May 2018
April 16, 2018
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January 2018

St. Dominic Catholic School Strategic Plan

Plans have been established for the future of St. Dominic Catholic School through a documented strategic plan. It grows out of the self-study process for accreditation and through the goals of the various committees of the school and parish. As we look toward the future of our school, the goals of the plan fall into several categories: safety and security, technology, marketing, Catholic identity, learning support, summer programming, Spanish programming and professional development. Some of the current updates and major goals include:

  • The St. Dominic school principal and the director of administrative services are members of the Elmbrook Task Force which helps to maintain up-to-date security measures in line with the entire Elmbrook Public School System. They work collaboratively with other school officials to have a unified relocation and reunification procedure. A remodel of the school entrance, to delay and deter individuals from causing harm to students and staff, is underway as part of the parish's Sharing our Vision Capital Campaign. In addition, a video camera system, increased controlled access entrances, rekeying of external doors and a new fire alarm system are part of the Sharing the Vision Safety & Security Project.

  • Funds were utilized to purchase 8 sets of 5 iPads and docking systems for 8 classrooms. Designations were based on frequency of use. Funds were budgeted for 2016-2017 to complete classroom sets in grades K4-5 to include Spanish, art, and music. Considerations are being made to purchase another cart of laptops with funds generated from the Knight's Move fundraiser for the 2017-2018 school year. The media specialist periodically presented "This Week in Technology" through the family folder to share what students were doing with the technology throughout the school year. As a result of the school survey, further information was shared on the school technology plan since the implementation of mobile devices. The media specialist responded to several questions generated from the survey to include how technology is taught and integrated. A new policy was created and shared around Apple watches and similar devices. They are not allowed in the school during the school day. The school has implemented IXL, AR, No Red Ink, ALEX and iStation to serve as enrichment programs for Learning Support. MAP tests are used in the fall and spring. Discussion is taking place regarding taking MAP in January for the purposes of data informed instruction through differentiation.

  • Efforts toward year round marketing were achieved through a new marketing opportunity with Cartvertising at Pick N Save on Capitol and Calhoun and new car magnets offered to the school and parish community in the spring of 2016 along with the Knight for Christ yard signs. Production of a school video has begun with the talents of fourth grade teacher, Mr. Cobb. A storyboard was presented in December and a first showing of the first section was prepared by April 2016 for review. There will be three components to the video based on the three components of the mission statement.

  • St. Dominic Catholic School was awarded exemplary recognition in the area of Catholic Identity from the Archdiocesan Office of Schools in June of 2016. The first Knights for Christ Faith-a-Thon team attended their inaugural competition on May 5, 2016. The hope is to gain momentum and place this in the hands of St. Dominic Youth Ministry.

  • Permissions were given by the parish finance council for the principal to pursue the implementation of Professional Learning Maps with the teachers. This program surveys key areas necessary for quality and effective teachers in order for teachers to personalize a professional development plan tailored to their specific needs for growth. Teachers are holding conversations among themselves and bringing their ideas to the principal which is bringing grass roots, organic change to programming and instruction. Conversations occurring around grading, progress monitoring and scheduling for literacy blocks and math differentiation.  Teachers in grades 3-5 have implemented Words Their Way and are exploring Vocabulary Their Way for students who "top out" of the Words Their Way program. While evaluating ELA texts, attention is being given to the expectations for vocabulary and the study of words. Second grade is considering implementing Words Their Way. Principal is a part of the Teacher Evaluation Task Force of the archdiocese to recreate a teacher evaluation tool that is specific to the National Standards and Benchmarks of Effective Catholic Schools.

  • Thanks to the consideration of the parish finance committee, two part-time learning support teachers will be available for assistance in the 2016-17 school year. In addition, we currently have 6 individuals who volunteer in the school on a regular basis to provide academic assistance through the Learning Support program to students and teachers in the school. Teachers have been reflecting on their completed grids for math and religion while completing grids for social studies and ELA. Teachers are alerted to and participate in a wide assortment of professional development. This year a group of teachers participated in a class through Carroll University titled Writing Across the Curriculum.

  • Spanish programming goals are to identify strengths and weaknesses of existing program as it relates to archdiocesan expectations and expectations of feeder high schools and to evaluate the schedule to provide more frequency of instruction.

  • Summer programming goals are to: research local summer programs being offered to learn how they do it, identify obstacles to providing a program at St. Dominic in order to address solutions, recruit individuals or small businesses that would be willing to provide a class, establish policies for operation and supervision create marketing materials for program and launch program for the first summer.

A copy of the strategic plan document is available upon request from the Principal. If you are interested in assisting in the development and execution of any of these goals, please contact a school board representative, home and school representative or Principal, Jill Fischer. The many gifts and talents that exist in the St. Dominic community are welcome to be a part of its continued growth in humble excellence.

The St. Dominic School Advisory Committee works collaboratively with administration and the pastor to develop and define the policies which govern the operation of the school, and to promote the implementation of those policies. These individuals work to continually improve the Catholic education of the students of St. Dominic Catholic School.

Teacher Representative
     Sara Daggett
Non-Voting Members
    Fr. Dennis Saran, Pastor
     Mrs. Jill Fischer, Principal

Elected Members


Maggie Spada: Chair (2019)

My family has been enriched by St. Dominic Catholic Parish in so many ways, and I would love to give back by serving on the School Advisory Committee. I graduated from St Dominic in 1996 and continued my Catholic education at DSHA. It's so rewarding for my husband, Piero, and I to now experience Catholic education from a parent's perspective. Our twins have loved every moment in K4 this year and our third child is eagerly waiting to start K4 in the fall. I've enjoyed diving into opportunities to be involved: volunteering during library, helping in the nursery during 9:00 am Mass, making phone calls on behalf of our recent capital campaign, and tackling our class art project for the 2016 auction to name a few. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve. It's also been a pleasure to meet many other families in our parish, and beyond through my involvement with the Catholic Professionals Forum. Professionally, I serve individuals and business owners as a Certified Financial Planner. My days are spent examining situations and putting together strategies to help people achieve their goals. I am humbled to serve on the School Advisory Committee, helping the school to achieve its goals, and better live out its mission.

  Mike Johnson: Vice Chair  (2020)
I am a product of Catholic education from kindergarten through law school. I grew up in Omaha, NE, attending St. Margaret Mary and Creighton Preparatory School, before moving to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University. After graduating from Marquette in 1997, I spent a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Seattle, WA working for the Public Defender's Office. Upon graduation from law school at Creighton University, I began my career as an attorney in Chicago before moving with my wife, Bridget, back to her hometown of Milwaukee. I currently focus my law practice on the defense of medical malpractice cases and medical licensing complaints. Bridget and I currently have four children attending St. Dominic. We moved to Brookfield in 2014 from Wauwatosa, where our children attended St. Joseph and where I served on the School Committee. I recognize the importance of contributing one's time in exchange for the privilege of enjoying the benefits of a community, and I look forward to offering my time and effort as an expression of gratitude to the St. Dominic community that so quickly and graciously welcomed us into the family.
  Nicole Staehler (2020)
My husband, Brad, and I have been members of St. Dominic Catholic Parish since 2013. We have three boys. I work part-time as a home hospice social worker in Waukesha County, supporting patients and families at end-of-life. Every year, I seem to find myself getting more involved in both the parish and school. As a room parent for the past three years, a regular volunteer for the Scrip program, a volunteer in the classroom, etc, I feel called to do more. I would be honored to continue my service on the School Advisory Committee, "to seek Christ, know Christ, and become Christ, each one for the sake of all."
  Elissa Bowlin (2021)

My husband, Brandon and I joined St. Dominic Parish about two years ago when we moved to Brookfield from the Christ King Parish community.  We have four children and our oldest two attend St. Dominic Catholic School.  I am originally from Brookfield and attended St. John Vianney and Divine Savior Holy Angels for grade school and high school.  I then attended Marquette University for my nursing degree and the University of Dayton School of Law for my law degree.  I am currently working at Habush, Habush and Rottier as a Nurse Attorney on the product liability team working for injured individuals.  My passion and desire to see Catholic schools, especially St. Dominic, succeed and bear fruit stems largely from the solid foundation and formation I received from my Catholic education.  I am hopeful that I can serve the St. Dominic community and work for the continued growth and success of the school.
  Joe Ghali (2021)

My wife Keryn, our 2 girls and I have been members of St. Dominic for the past eight years. Our two daughters have attended St. Dominic Catholic School since K3. It has been very gratifying watching them grow both intellectually and spiritually (our youngest just received her 1st Communion this past April). I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Holy Innocents Episcopal Middle School and moved to Tampa, FL before I started high school at Tampa Jesuit. I decided to leave the warmth of the south and attend Marquette University (IT undergrad & MBA) where I met Keryn. Despite the location of both of our families, we made the decision to raise our family here in Wisconsin.  I am a first-generation American (both of my parents were born and raised in Egypt). I was baptized Coptic Orthodox, however, prior to getting married, I converted to Catholicism because we want to raise our family in the Catholic faith. Our family has had the pleasure of being involved in the St. Dominic community for the past several years (i.e. coaching t-ball, hosting auction parties, as well as volunteering for several field trips and holiday parties). Being part of the School Advisory Committee would be a wonderful opportunity to help give back to the community that has done so much for our family.  
  Erika Rutley (2021)

“Saint Dominic, pray for us,” has brought healing, hope and faith to my husband Richard and I since becoming parishioners at St. Dominic Catholic Parish 10 years ago, and also for our children who are students at St. Dominic Catholic School. I would appreciate the opportunity to become a member of the marketing committee for the School Advisory Committee so that I may play a role in the continuation of spreading the good word of the school and parish mission. We are appreciative of our St. Dominic community as a whole and our children have been so blessed to be part of such a strong faith-based school while receiving a high level of education. I have participated in Catholic education for many years including attending St. Norbert College where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Over the past 20 years of my career, I have held various roles in marketing and communication including advertising, website management, writing, and editing. And for the past 7 years I have worked specifically in religious environments which have supported and increased my spirituality.  
  Melissa Magliocco (2019)

It is a great honor and privilege to be part of such a dynamic Catholic community. My husband, Brian and I have been parishioners since 2014. Our oldest two children attend St. Dominic Catholic School, and our youngest will join them in two years. We take great pride in the faith formation and education our children receive both at home and at school. Having been a Catholic school teacher myself, I know first-hand the importance of Catholic Identity in the classroom. Upon graduating from Carthage College, I took my first teaching position as a middle school Theology teacher at St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Kenosha. When my husband became the youth minister at St. Mary’s Visitation, Elm Grove, we relocated to Waukesha County. After teaching first grade at Aquinas Academy in Menomonee Falls for three years, I decided to stay home when our second child was born. I continue to stay active in the educational world by substitute teaching at St. Dominic, volunteering on the Catholic Identity Committee for the school, and helping out with youth ministry at the parish. I also participate in various ministries throughout the parish, such as mom’s groups, baptism ministry, and leading worship for Surrender. I am passionate and dedicated to the mission at St. Dominic and blessed to have such a faith-filled community to call home.

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