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Frequently Asked Athletics Questions

What sports are offered and what are the typical seasons?




Registration times



Late August - End of October

5 - 8 Grade




November - March

5 - 8 Grade




April - May

5 - 8 Grade



T - Ball

June - August

4K - 3 Grade



Tennis       $65.00

Note: Registration fees for volleyball and basketball include participation in 3 to 4 tournaments in addition to regular league games throughout the season. No additional fees will be collected for these games.

When are physical examination forms due?

All athletes are required to have a current physical examination form on file with the Athletic Association prior to the start of the season. These forms are valid for two years.  This form is available in the School and Parish offices or download here:  Physical Examination Form.  

Am I required to volunteer if my child participates in a sport? What are the expectations for parent participation?

The success of our program depends on volunteers. Parents are required to work the concession or gym admission areas during the sport season their child is participating in. Every effort will be made to provide a time for you to work when your child is playing. However, from time to time it may be necessary for you to work when St. Dominic teams are not playing at our facilities. Parents are encouraged to get involved with the Athletic Association and volunteer their time and talents to supporting our programs.

Can my child play in a game / go to a practice if they miss school?

Athletes who are absent from school due to an illness on a practice or game day may not participate in either event on that day.

Where and when are practices held?  How are practice schedules set?

Typically practices are held after school or evenings.  The coaches choose available practice times best for their schedules and team needs.  Every effort is made to avoid conflicts with school dismissal times and CFC classes.  As many practices as possible are scheduled at St. Dominic, some practices are held at neighboring gyms to accommodate all teams. 

How was the number of teams determined?

The number of interested athletes and the availability of league openings, gym time, coaching staff, and funding will determine the number of teams that will be fielded for an individual sport. Specifics about team size are detailed in the Athletic Association Handbook.

How does playing time work for 5th and 6th graders?

The spirit and intent of St. Dominic playing time policy for 5th and 6th grade is that all athletes should experience a balanced amount of playing time. Coaches are expected to work toward equal playing time over the course of the season.

How does playing time work for 7th and 8th graders?

The spirit and intent of St. Dominic playing time policy for 7th and 8th grade is that all athletes should be given the opportunity to contribute to the team's success during both practices and games. Playing time is earned and is recognition for working hard, fully utilizing the talents they have been blessed with and developing their skills to their full potential.

If there are no cuts, why are there tryouts?  How was my child placed on a team?  What if my child can�t make tryouts?

Team assignments are based on tryouts are used to evaluate the athlete's talent in order to properly form teams. Each year, talent will divide the 5th and 6th grade teams equally. Coaches are expected to change the mix/configuration of their teams in 6th grade to allow children to develop under multiple coaches and to meet and interact with as many children as possible. Each year, the 7th and 8th grade teams will be divided according to ability. The tryout process will accommodate the stronger and weaker team concept. Teams will be selected based on last year's performance, the tryout evaluations of the coaches and an independent evaluator.  If there is a conflict with the scheduled tryout times, arrangements can be made on an individual basis with the coordinator.     

How are coaches selected?

The sport registration form has a place to volunteer to be a coach. The Coach Selection Committee (composed of the Athletic Director, Sport Coordinator and Coach Selection Lead) determines head coaches based upon the coach selection procedure. First preference is given to returning coaches in good standing  Head coaches select their assistant coaches. Teams are encouraged to have two assistant coaches.. 

Who should I contact regarding questions about my child's team or the Athletic Association?
Who do I contact if I have a question or concern? What if I have a problem with a coach?

Open communications are imperative to the operation of a successful program. Please do not let your concerns about our athletic program go unanswered. If you have an issue with the sports program and the issue cannot be resolved through discussions with the coach or sports coordinator, you may address your concern to the Athletic Association in the following manner:

1. Present the issue in written form to the President or Athletic Director.

2. If necessary, final resolution of the matter will be determined by the Athletic Association Governing Board.

Please refer to the St. Dominic website for the names of the Athletic Association Sports Coordinators, Officers and Governing Board members.

How and when are uniforms given to the players?

Uniforms are given to the players by the team manager or coach before the first league game of the season for Volleyball and Basketball. The uniforms must be kept in good condition and must be returned at the end of the season. Fees are charged for uniforms not returned at the end of the season. T-ball and track t-shirts are handed out before the first game/meet and may be kept by the players. 

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