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New LunchTime Software

8/22/19 | School Articles, Hot Topics | by Mrs. Jill Fischer

New LunchTime Software

    The Knights Café is joining the 21st century, kind of. While our hot lunch program will continue to offer freshly made homemade meals every day for our Knights, the way we go about it is going to change. LunchTime is one more resource we have added to Power School.

    With LunchTime, each Knight will be given a lunch card. Parents will upload dollars onto their child’s/children’s lunch card through their family account. Children will bring this lunch card to the cafeteria with them. Cafeteria staff will scan their bar code. Children will proceed to pick up their lunch. When balances reach $10, parents will be notified to add to their account. We will present the lunch menu a month in advance for your planning purposes.

    The lunch card will also be used for students that bring their lunch to school and wish to only purchase a milk to drink. The cafeteria team has been practicing the process so hopefully all will be smooth upon the first day of school!