Columbarium Installed

11/4/20 | Church Articles | by Michael Ricci

    The first columbarium units were installed at the Prayer Gardens of St. Dominic.



    • Units are all granite.
    • Each unit holds 100 niches. The niches are 12 x 12 x 12 inches. There are 5 rows and 10 columns per side.
    • Unit weighs approximately 18,000 pounds and is 12 feet long by 6 feet 4 inches high by 2 feet 9 inches deep.
    • Niches have an internal granite “door” that is sealed after inurnment
    • Name plates are 24 inches wide and 12 inches high. They cover two niches. A line is engraved to indicate single niches.
    • Phase two allows for 3 additional columbarium that will be installed one at a time as the demand warrants.
    • Foundations 4-6 were installed to reduce overall cost and make future installs easier by avoid digging near existing sidewalks.

    Q & A

    Why doesn’t the sidewalk go to the parking lot?

    This area is in line with our storm water management flow and thus would be less stable.

    Why does the sidewalk start at the terrace? 

    The procession to the niches pass through the Prayer Garden. One could walk past all statues and under the loving image of Jesus on the Cross.

    Why are foundations 4-6 slanted and protruding from the sidewalk?
    The foundations are level. The sidewalk follows the slope of the land and is aligned with the storm water management plan. We are exploring ways to minimize the trip hazard.

    How has the Columbarium been funded?
    All costs, including perpetual care are covered by the sale of the inurnment rights to the niches. No operating budget monies were used for this project. Funds will allow us to maintain the Lisbon Road cemetery as well as this space in our Prayer Gardens.

    When can inurnments begin?
    Inurnments can begin now.

    The Columbarium at the Prayer Gardens of St. Dominic provides the following:

    †  A dignified and reverent place.
    †  Cremation and inurnment consistent with
        Catholic teaching.
    †  Convenience of moving directly from Funeral
        Mass to inurnment.
    †  Providing a Catholic option to inter loved ones
        in a columbarium cared for by the St. Dominic
        faith community for generations to come.

     Pre-planning is a wise choice, ensuring your wishes are carried out. For more information, contact Michael Ricci at 262.781.3480, Ext. 253