Ways to Give

God has given each of us a mission that no one else on earth can do. No one can be the parent, grandparent, friend, co-worker, or member of our parish that you are called to be. God will give you the grace to live stewardship as a way of life, a way of holiness and spirituality.

Ways to Give

Give online, Vanco Mobile app, Text to Give

St. Dominic Catholic Parish partners with Vanco Payment Solutions to offer giving options that meet your needs. Options include online giving through our dedicated webpage, Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement App, and Text Giving.

Once you set up an account, your login and password can be used across these platforms. It's quick, easy, safe, and secure.

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Loose cash placed in the offering baskets at Mass will not appear on your giving statement. Your statement will include cash placed in an offering envelope with your parish ID # and/or name.


Checks should be made out to St. Dominic Catholic Parish and should include your parish ID# and name. Your giving statement will include donations made by check.

Bill pay

Sign up for Bill Pay through your bank to take advantage of this option. A check will be mailed directly from your bank to St. Dominic. You can also set up recurring payments through this method.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock and other securities have the potential to contribute significant dollars to St. Dominic Catholic Parish by assigning ownership to the church. Among the options for sharing your assets with our church, this one couldn’t be easier. Benefits extend to you as well. When you sell stock outright, Capital Gains and Income Taxes are never far behind. However, by giving the stock instead, your gross income remains unaffected. Capital Gains Tax is a non-issue. And you have a charitable deduction to claim as well. Appreciated assets must be owned for at least 12 months and it’s always a good idea to consult your tax and financial advisor for the most current tax advantages.

Stock Gift Form

Who Says It Has To Be Cash?

Give more than you thought possible!

There is a benefit to including assets as part of your giving! The monetary value of the gift typically exceeds what you might give as cash outright. In fact, cash doesn't even enter into the picture. In most cases, asset-based giving is as simple as assigning ownership to the parish. Of course, there are many variations of asset-based giving. To discuss ways that you can support the mission and ministry of St. Dominic, or initiate a gift of stock, please contact Vivian Roe at 262.781.3480, Ext. 223.

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 Leave a Legacy

When you choose to make a planned gift you're paying forward the many blessings you have received by investing in the future life and mission of St. Dominic Catholic Parish.

Legacy Gifts

Other Ways to Give