Construction Projects

2/16/21 | Church Articles | by Michael Ricci

Construction Projects

    Beginning Monday, February 22, our parish will become a construction zone with two major projects underway. Please be aware of these areas, and please pray for the safety of the workers. Direct any questions or comments to Michael Ricci at

    Parish Arts & Activities Center Beam Repair

    Under the guidance of One Source Construction, parishioners Mark and Patti Schneider, we will begin the repair of the failing beam in the Parish Arts & Activities Center (PAAC). Based on feedback from the experts and the Building and Ground Committee, we made the decision to not only repair the failing beam, but also proactively reinforce three additional beams. Each beam requires three steel beams totaling over fifty feet in length, secured by thirty‐two lag bolts per beam, with each bolt approximately two feet long. The PAAC will be closed during the week for safety, but available for use during weekend Masses. We anticipate the removal of the current scaffolding by the end of February and the completion of the project within 3 weeks. The funds for this $40,000 plus project will come from our deferred maintenance account, sustained by your annual stewardship contributions, special gifts, and capital campaigns.

    Church South Narthex Remodel

    Gala 2020 occurred a year ago this month. One project funded by Gala 2020 is the remodeling of the south narthex. We will remove some of the walls to the current bride’s room and expose the ceiling. New lighting and wall finishes will add two‐hundred square feet of usable space to the south narthex. For safety during demolition and renovation, this area will be cordoned off—please stay clear. We will maintain access to the church, but some travel pathways may change. Moore Construction, parishioners Mike Moore, Austin Moore, and Billy McDonald, will act as the general contractor for the project. Final furnishings for flexible use will occur once the remodeling concludes. Thanks to all who supported the Gala or made special donations to this project.