Request for Textbooks

7/15/20 | Church Articles | by Fr. Dennis Saran

Request for Textbooks

    Just before the viral pandemic hit and caused major changes in our school year and budget planning for 2020-2021, we had approved the purchase of two new series of materials to teach Catholic values as part of our sixth grade social studies curriculum. Sixth grade is a critical year for explaining Catholic values.

    Our current materials, purchased six years ago, will no longer be available. We are excited about the new texts produced. However, with the impact of the virus and in an effort to avoid an increase in tuition, we have withheld making this purchase.

    The two series we wished to purchase are Theology of the Body (Middle School Edition) and YouCAT texts.

    Theology of the Body is based on a series of lectures offered by Pope John Paul II, which highlighted the dignity of the human being at all stages of life, and the gift of the complementarity and meaning of the biblical statement made by Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel, “In the beginning God made them male and female.”

    The YouCAT is an abbreviation for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you have paged through the more formal Catechism, you know, though excellent, it can be a bit scholarly in its approach. Examining our beliefs in a more youthful oriented language can be a real asset for middle school students and their instructors.

    Because I feel these purchases are very important to our middle school program, I am asking for donations which would allow us to obtain these two texts. Here is the need:

    Theology of the Body Textbooks (Middle School Edition)

    • Includes: student workbook $12.95/144 books=$1,864.80
    • DVD set $79.95/2 sets =$159.90
    • Leader guide $24.95/2 guides=$49.90
    • Leader training video $124.95

    Quote: $2,199.55

    YouCAT (Catechism of the Catholic Church for Youth)     
    $14.95/50 needed)

    Quote: $747.50     

    If you are in a position to help with this request, please contact us at the Parish Center of School offices. Thank you for considering this important contribution to our Catholic education.

    God bless,

    Fr. Dennis Saran, Pastor