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Child Formation Classes

    Our dedicated team provides the necessary time, gifts and skills to pass on the faith to our children through formation classes. Various roles are available for those wishing to join our team!

    • Catechist/Co-catechist: Plan and evaluate age appropriate lessons for small groups of children. Materials, training, and support are provided as needed. All classrooms must have two adults present in the room.
    • Catechist substitute: Not ready for taking on a classroom full-time? Fill in for a catechist due to an occasional absence! In most cases, these absences are known in advance allowing the catechist to plan and share the lesson with you. 
    • Classroom assistants: Love being in a supportive position? Classroom assistant take attendance, make copies, hep with small group discussions and projects, hep students who need a little extra assistance, and help with overall classroom management.
    • Office help during classes: One person is desired for the entire  program year for each classroom day (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday), but job sharing will be considered.
    • Program Support: This team provides help with organizing seasonal materials, assisting with prayer experiences, observing catechists in the classrooms, helping to inventory supplies and gather classroom resources.

    Top ten reasons to join our team:

    1. Be Involved: "I want to stay involved in my child's formation and teaching was a great way to do it. A parish can't survive without parishioners working together."
    2. Have a say..."Being involved enables parents to have input in the way we share the faith with our children. I want to promote how a to develop a friendship with God, even at an early age."
    3. Do something you enjoy..."I enjoy working with kids and being with my son. It was fun!"
    4. Be Surprised: "I was skeptical about what four and five-year-old kids could take from Sunday school. I was surprised! I also think it's so important to help them build friendships with the other kids and hopefully that will help encourage them to continue in formation in future years. 
    5. Find your gift: "I started teaching because I had to drop off the kids anyway. Then, I realized that not only did I enjoy teaching, I was actually good at it!"
    6. Strengthen your parenting skills: "Being a catechist provides insights on how our young folk perceive the world and the Catholic faith. It also provides an opportunity to share the values and beliefs our faith teaches us. I have learned a lot about parenting and raising my children in the Catholic faith by being a catechist."
    7. Be rewarded: "I used to think that because I didn't know all the answers, I should not be teaching. However, teaching has been a learning experience for me as well as them. The best thing about being a catechist...there are too many to count!  Two of the top reasons are: getting to know each child and the special gifts they have, and learning from them!"
    8. Grow in your own faith: "Since I did not grow up Catholic, I think it is important that I know what my girls are learning. It enriches my faith to look at the weekly readings  from a child's point of view. Sometimes even adults take it in better when presented simply."
    9. Meet wonderful people: "I have met many wonderful people serving in this ministry. If I had only come to Mass, I wouldn't know many people in the pews. If you don't have children in formation, it is a great way to meet other spiritual people and become more connected to the faith community.
    10. Pass on the faith: "The most important reason is to help nourish the faith in our children. If not us, who?