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Festival Thank You

7/26/21 | Church Articles | by Fr. Dennis Saran

Festival Thank You

    I want to express my thanks to our entire parish for the unanticipated, unbridled, success of our parish festival. Whether it was the need for people to come together, to get outside, or just wanting to do something fun, the attendance at our festival and all the associated benefits broke every record. The leadership team, “red shirt” workers, and all the rest of the volunteers were up to the task and worked very hard to make everyone feel at home. For some, this was their first opportunity to “help out.” I hope they made some new friends. I wish to thank the festival planning team who volunteer all their time working “doctor hours” for all the days of the festival. I want to thank all volunteers, those who have heard the
    call for years and those for who this was their first time. I also wish to thank all our sponsors who helped us to be able to present a festival worth attending. Finally, I wish to thank all who attended, as the festival gives an opportunity for us to come together as family.

    Circumstances this year were unique and I cannot expect every year to be as much fun as this year, but I can certainly pray for this to be just a beginning. 

    ~ Fr. Dennis