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When you enter our beautiful church the current liturgical season greets you due to the phenomenal efforts of a dedicated and creative group of parishioners. These wonderfully engaged members have learned to face challenges head on, climb to extraordinary heights to help one another, and to reach across any divide that might separate them. Their grand efforts are not just in decorating our worship space but in caring for each other and lifting one another up in their daily lives.

Your time and special gifts are welcome and will be appreciated if you are being called to join this ministry. Your ideas and suggestions are also welcome.



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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We can help you discern where your time and unique gifts can best be used for the benefit of our parish community or those in need!

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Mass Greeters

All family members are encouraged to join our team of smiling faces. Provide a warm, genuine welcome to all who enter our church doors as a Mass Greeter.

Families can sign up online for the weekend Mass of their choice. All family members can participate; dads, moms, kids, and grandparents! Mass Greeters serve BEFORE Mass only. You are able to be seated and celebrate the Mass with the rest of the congregation.

A friendly smile might change a negative attitude. An expression of compassionate care might calm the nerves of stressed parents. A gentle welcome and genuine conversation may help people feel a sense of connection.

Church Greeters also help assure that visitors who are looking for a new home find a welcoming congregation, and that everyone can fully participate in the celebration of the Mass by handing out Orders of Worship.  


Mass Greeters

This is an easy, fun, worthwhile experience for the whole family!