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When you enter our beautiful church the current liturgical season greets you due to the phenomenal efforts of a dedicated and creative group of parishioners. These wonderfully engaged members have learned to face challenges head on, climb to extraordinary heights to help one another, and to reach across any divide that might separate them. Their grand efforts are not just in decorating our worship space but in caring for each other and lifting one another up in their daily lives.

Your time and special gifts are welcome and will be appreciated if you are being called to join this ministry. Your ideas and suggestions are also welcome.



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We can help you discern where your time and unique gifts can best be used for the benefit of our parish community or those in need!

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Lenten Outreach Service Days

We are excited to partner with St. Michael and St. Rose Parishes in Milwaukee, for our Lenten Outreach. Both churches were established in the late 1800's and serve a growing population of over 10 ethnic groups, speaking 8 different languages. Our financial almsgiving will help provide tables for their gathering space, chairs and an altar for their chapel, materials for the ESL classes, Religious Education programs, summer camp, and so much more.

We encourage you to also offer your heart and hands during the Lenten Outreach Service Days on March 16, 23, or April 13. All ages are welcome. We will be painting, cleaning, organizing, hauling items, installing a floating floor. If you are unable to join the work force, would you be willing to help provide lunch for the volunteers?

Above all, we invite everyone to join in prayer for our Lenten Outreach parishes.

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