Stewardship Form

Thank you for being a member of this parish family and offering your real presence to Christ and our community as we form and equip disciples to share the message of God's love. 

2024 Stewardship Commitment

Please provide the primary contact information for your family.



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Increasing your gift supports our efforts to draw us all deeper into a personal relationship with Christ, and to form and equip missionary disciples through creating small group communities, providing teens with more opportunities to personally encounter Christ, and keeping Catholic education more affordable.

If you have not given before, God is asking you to give in trust, Please know that every gift is appreciated. 

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To fulfill my/our 2024 commitment, I/we will use:*

Give online, use our new Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement App, or Text to Give.

If you already have a Vanco account and are changing your giving level for 2024, please login to your account and make the change prior to January 1, 2024.


Additional Giving Consideration

Please review the SERVICE HANDBOOK and indicate if the service commitment is new for 2024. The service and ministry you offer is a blessing to our parish!

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Please indicate if the ministry is NEW.

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Please indicate if the ministry is NEW.