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Proof of His Love

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Recently, I was blessed to help direct lines during the 12 Hours of Reconciliation day. As I was in the church, my eyes were drawn over and over again to the large crucifix in the back of church. It seemed as if the outstretched arms of the Lord were reaching out to embrace the whole church full of people seeking forgiveness.

Today in the Gospel, we hear Jesus’ encounter with Thomas who needs proof of the Resurrection in order to believe. So often, we ask God for proof. Maybe not of the Resurrection, but of his love for us, of his providence, that he is good, that He cares for us. But we already have the proof. Look to the Cross. The pierced hands, feet, and side, the crown of thorns. They’re all proof of his love for us. And if that’s not enough, look at an image of the resurrection. He rose from the dead! For you! He gave us the Church and sent us the Holy Spirit. He promised that He would not leave us orphans.

As you continue to reflect on God's love for you, here are some of my favorite lines of poetry from St. Thomas Aquinas’ meditations on the Gospel of John 20:19-31:

I am not like Thomas, wounds I cannot see, but I plainly call thee Lord and God as he.
This faith each day deeper be my holding of, daily make me harder hope and dearer love.

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Perceiving Truth

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Epiphanies happen when we least expect them. My late mother used to love to read murder mysteries and would often go back through the books she read long after the dramatic conclusion was revealed – which she would usually get correct! She would then explain to the rest of us about how she had missed such obvious clues in the book but would still, usually, get the answer correct regardless. I remember asking her about it – how could she possibly still get it correct even when she would miss the hints, clues, and other pieces of evidence the whole time. She simply stated that it was just something inside of her, her own intuition and ability to perceive the truth. How simple an answer this is, but in reflecting upon it, what great power it carries: to be able to take less than obvious signs in a complex situation and realize the greater truth that would otherwise not be readily explained. I liken this to the situation of the Magi and to those who would hear the early preaching of Christ. To hear the literal words of Christ and, perhaps, not fully comprehend what they are bearing witness to. Continue to seek and know those moments in your life – to encounter Christ in them!