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Caution. Speed Bump Ahead

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Speed bumps are installed to encourage people to slow down. Pay attention to the warning signs and you can navigate safely. Ignore them and you and your vehicle will get quite a jolt and may suffer damage.

Advent and Christmas are right around the corner. Working at UPS for almost 3 decades, Advent was a blur. The goal was to get home on the 24th in time to make it to family gatherings and Mass, and then collapse. Fast forward to working here. It is easy to focus on the planning and doing of the big days. Will we have enough seats, will the sound system work, where will people park, what about the weather. Being focused on the relatively insignificant, Advent runs the risk of again being a blur. I need to install a few speed bumps. How about you? What can we do?

During Advent, our staff will form small groups and discuss how the weekly readings speak to us. Our families are ready-made small groups. Take 20 minutes a week and discuss faith as a family. Consider attending Adoration on Tuesday, turning off the radio, pausing electronics for 10 minutes, going to a daily Mass, to confession, or stopping in the church for a time. These all provide time to talk with God. Cell phones and calendars can rule, and ruin, our lives.
I am setting a daily appointment and alarm, to stop for at least 5 minutes to be quiet and pray.

Will you allow Advent to be a blur? What will be the focus of your Christmas day? Praying we avoid the pitfalls and follow the warning sign God has ready for us: SLOW DOWN...speed bump ahead. A Blessed Advent.

Posted by Michael Ricci
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