Daily Inner Renewal

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It has been said that Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. For those of us who live in Wisconsin, that could either be true, or simply wishful thinking. Many of us spend a greater part of the colder months considering what we might plan to do in summer; a vacation with the kids, a summer DIY home project, or simply the resolve to enjoy the warmer months in a simple way. We all seem to want to pack as much activity into the warmer months as possible—getting out there and enjoying life.

As we get older, many develop difficulty doing many of the things they loved when younger. The sad truth is that we age! Doctors and health professionals tell us that our bodies peak in our 20s and 30s, and those of us older than that can attest to the validity of their opinion.

Fortunately, as St. Paul tells us, that although this happens, our inner self is renewing. Although our physical self may be challenged, we must never allow our spiritual self to become weakened. How do we help with that daily renewal of which St. Paul speaks? We do so through a intentional connection with God.  Through prayer. Through the Sacraments. Through Sacred Scripture. He is present in all these things—there for us—assisting us in renewing our inner self, our spirits, day by day.

So, just as we may work out physically, we need to exercise spiritually. And though our bodies may be diminished over time, our spirit, which makes us who we are, which indeed is the dwelling place of God, is renewed unto the end of the age.