The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him: a spirit of wisdom and of understanding, a spirit of counsel and of strength, a spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord, and his delight shall be the fear of the Lord." 

Confirmation is one of the sacraments of Christian initiation in the Catholic Church and is necessary for the completion of baptismal grace. Confirmation builds on the gifts each individual has already received through baptism and brings them more closely into the Church (The Catholic Faith Handbook, 2013, p.204).

The Sacrament

Like the Disciples at Pentecost, Confirmation is a Sacrament in which we receive a new deeper outpouring of the Holy Spirit into our hearts in an extraordinary way. This process is an opportunity for teens to be "strengthened by power from heaven, made true witnesses of Christ in word and deed, and be bound more closely to the Church" (Apostolic Constitution).  As such, our confirmation process is NOT a requirement to being a Catholic, an entitlement, or a graduation from a religious education program. It IS the permanent binding of an individual to the Church and seals them with the Holy Spirit perfecting the grace received at Baptism.

"Behold, I am doing something new..." Isaiah 43:19

The Confirmation process provides interested teens with a semester-long experience in which students are prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and full initiation into the Catholic Church preferably during their junior year in high school. Preparation includes regular Mass attendance, small group meetings, service experiences, regular meetings with their sponsor, a letter to the bishop, and a full weekend confirmation retreat. Our process focuses on the Sacrament of Confirmation, as well as various elements of what it means to be Catholic.

Confirmation preparation is not a stand alone program, but a part of a much bigger process of becoming an intentional disciple of Christ.

Confirmation is not "The End" but the beginning!

Upon being sealed with the Holy Spirit, the mission of being an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ begins. The effects of Confirmation are far reaching and even more fulfilling for those who actively live their role as confirmed Catholics.


Why Junior Year

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee identifies junior year as the most developmentally appropriate time for an individual to pursue the preparation and reception of this sacrament. Individuals must have reached the age of reason so that he/she may understand its meaning most completely. The person must be baptized. They must freely profess the Catholic faith. They must be in a state of grace, following the laws of Christ an the Church and not be guilty of any serious, unconfessed sins. They must also wish to be confirmed and must be willing to be a witness for Christ. 

Important deadlines

By August 25: Top 3 choices for small group and “buddy requests” if wishing to be with a friend(s) due
By August 25: Teen’s baptismal certificate due
By September 15: Date selected for retreat weekend due.
By September 15: Sponsor choice due. Sponsor has to send us an approved letter from their pastor that they are a confirmed, practicing Catholic. Sponsor Letter of Reference
By November 1: Saint paper due. Instructions to come from small group leader.
By January 15: Bishop letter due. I have to hand in hard copies in-person, so if their letter is late, your student can personally take their own letter to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to drop it off. Instructions to come from small group leader for content.

Requirements for the reception of confirmation

Individuals desiring to be confirmed must go through formal preparation for the reception of the sacrament in which certain expectations must be fulfilled. At St. Dominic Catholic Parish, we expect that all students participating in confirmation preparation have also been engaging in the formation and community provided  through our LIfe Teen ministry and events throughout high school.

1. Participate in a Confirmation small group
2. Attend Mass
3. Select a sponsor and have regular, intentional conversations with your sponsor
4. Select a patron Saint, write a short reflection as to how you arrived at choosing this Saint to be your personal intercessor and guide
5. Attend a Confirmation retreat: October 7-9, October 28-30, or February 3-5
6. Perform service
7. Write a letter of intent to the bishop
8. Engage in continuing formation through the parish
9. Participate in in Confirmation small group


A sponsor is an individual who accompanies the candidate in their faith journey during and after his/her preparation for the sacrament. In making this choice, the church recognizes that one’s sponsor is a partner in his/her formation, and asks him/her to be conscious of the sponsor’s influence, trusting they will act in the candidate’s best interests and in Jesus’ name. The sponsor will be asked to formally present the candidate to the Bishop at the Rite of Confirmation.


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Our Team

Our professional staff is a talented group of individuals trained in their perspective duties to give direction to the program and minister our teens and their parents. They also are responsible for training and ministering to the core team.

Fr. Tim Schumaker

Associate Pastor

Office: 262.781.3480, Ext. 224

Samantha Taylor

High School Minister

Office: 262.781.3480, Ext. 229

Suzette Hildebrand

Formation & Human Concerns Assistant

Office: 262.781.3480, Ext. 226

Our Core Team is literally at the core of everything we do. Our Core Team is a group of volunteer ministers who give their time and talents to accompany teens to seek Christ, know Christ, and become Christ. Very simply, a Core member's job is to share Jesus Christ with teens. Their job is relational ministry which shows teens that they are valued and loved by God.

Interested in joining our core team? Training and all materials are provided. If you would like to learn more about the Core Team, please contact Fr. Tim Schumakeror Sami Taylor