"You too, dear young people, can be joyful witnesses of his love, courageous witnesses of his Gospel, carrying to this world a ray of his light." ~ Pope Francis

EDGE is a dynamic Catholic community for middle school students (6th-8th grade) that provides an environment to encounter Jesus and find their true identity in Him.  We offer both a Large Group Ministry (Tuesday Night Edge) and a small group ministry (Emmaus). All middle school students are welcome to participate in our ministries. There is no fee to attend!

Our Ministries

Tuesday Night EDGE

EDGE provides the opportunity for our students in grades 6, 7, and 8 to dive deeper into what we believe as Catholics and how to live out our faith in the world. Students participating in EDGE will encounter Jesus and come to understand how to have their identity rooted in Him. All students, regardless of where they go to school, are invited to join the conversation and experiences that EDGE has to offer on Tuesdays evenings from 6:00-7:30 PM. 

Emmaus Small Groups

Emmaus is a Lectionary-based discipleship small group that is designed to help teenagers encounter Jesus through the study of Scripture and the Holy Mass in a small group setting. Emmaus meets on Mondays from 4:45-6:00 PM.  

Summer Trips

Summer Trips with Life Teen is an incredible opportunity for teens to have an awe-inspiring experience of life.  Teens are able to able to be free and confident in themselves, develop new friendships with other teens from our parish, and encounter God working in their lives. This is the summer that you begin to experience a bigger and better life than you ever thought possible.  We offer summer camp and mission trip experiences for both middle school and high school teens.

Learn More About Summer Trips

Our Team

Our professional staff is a talented group of individuals trained in their perspective duties to give direction to the program and minister our teens and their parents. They also are responsible for training and ministering to the core team.

Karissa Tousignant

Middle School Minister

Office: 262.781.3480, Ext. 243

Suzette Hildebrand

Formation & Human Concerns Assistant

Office: 262.781.3480, Ext. 226

Our Core Team is literally at the core of everything we do. Our Core Team is a group of volunteer ministers who give their time and talents to accompany teens to seek Christ, know Christ, and become Christ. Very simply, a Core member's job is to share Jesus Christ with teens. Their job is relational ministry which shows teens that they are valued and loved by God.

We Need Your Help! If you feel like Core Team is something that you would like to join, please arrange a time with Karissa to grab a cup of coffee and discuss further!