Exemplary Recognition

St. Dominic Awarded Exemplary Status

St. Dominic Catholic School was awarded Exemplary Status by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in the area of Mission and Catholic Identity in 2016 and Innovative Programs for its SMART Team in 2010. Previously part of the accreditation process, the Exemplary Schools Program is now a separate process to identify schools with exceptional programs. Schools apply for recognition in several categories by submitting written applications. Schools with superior written applications are selected to be visited by a team of experts.

Archdiocesan Accreditation Team Report

The following information was sent to St. Dominic Catholic School by the Milwaukee Archdiocese Office for Schools:

The Accreditation Team commends the following individuals and organizations for their excellence and achievement at St. Dominic Catholic School:

  • The parish leadership should be commended for its commitment and support of Catholic education.
  • The principal should be commended for creating and fostering strong collegial mutual respect between administration and both parish and school staffs.
  • The principal, faculty, and staff should be commended for their commitment and dedication to the school, their students, and families.
  • Those individuals who are responsible for the over-all atmosphere of the school, which is so conducive to learning, should be commended for their effort on behalf of all students.
  • Both the parish and the school families should be commended for their long range planning in the form of Vision 2012, a forward effort for parish/school improvement.
  • There is evidence that parishioners are actively involved in the school program. They should be highly commended.
  • The faculty should be commended for being role models of the gospel message by supporting the spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological needs of each student. They encourage each student's growth and success.
  • Those who provide effective communication vehicles through the website, the Parent Newsletter, and WebGrader/WebNotes should be commended for their efforts to publicize the school's "good news".
  • The maintenance personnel should be commended for their outstanding dedication to the care and upkeep of the school facility.
  • Those school members who provided structure and guidance throughout the decision-making process for the new K-3 program should be commended for their insight as strong partners of the school family.

Congratulations to all of you! The St. Dominic visit was a pleasant experience. Your students were polite and informative as they modeled the kind of Catholic education that you have worked so hard to accomplish! You can be proud of your students and the quality environment for learning that you have developed over the years.

The process for accreditation is a long and difficult one, but one that our teachers and staff are actively committed to. For as Scripture states: "In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people." Colossians 3: 23