Campus Ministry

The St. Dominic Campus Ministry is a group of students in grades 6 through 8 who voluntarily give of their time to be the driving force for developing opportunities for the school community to deepen their faith during the school year. Through their leadership role in Campus Ministry students:  

  • learn how to stand firm in their faith.
  • learn how to become comfortable sharing their faith out loud.
  • learn to walk with Jesus throughout the day.
  • learn to embrace others where they are at in their own faith journey.

Campus Ministry students give up their lunch time to meet as a team weekly. In order to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the first half of the period is spent praying Lectio Divina. The second half of the period is devoted to discussing ministry plans and tasks. 

Ministry efforts are in five areas: 

  1. Reconciliation: Provide the students of St. Dominic Catholic Parish with the opportunity to take part in the sacrament of reconciliation once per month. Confession is often held during the lunch periods. Interest in receiving this sacrament is so high among students that the number exceeds the time available.
  2. Advent: Campus Ministry plans an activity to deepen the school community's experience of the Advent season.
  3. Saints of the Day: Campus Ministry leads the school community in celebrating a Saint of the Day during Catholic Schools Week.
  4. Lent: Campus Ministry plans an activity to deepen the school community's experience of the Lenten season.
  5. Mary: Campus Ministry plans ways for the school community to honor Mary during the month of May.

Campus Ministry team members often lead the Wednesday morning rosary in the chapel which is open to the entire parish community before the all-school Mass. 

Adult and faculty facilitators are available for the Campus Ministry team to help guide and assists them as needed.