Learning Support

Academic Support

The faculty and staff at St. Dominic Catholic School work to provide a God-centered, student-focused approach to instruction.

Learning support

Learning support teachers and volunteers are available to assist classroom teachers in meeting the specific needs of students to the best of their ability. Education Action Plans may be created with the faculty and parents under the guidance of the principal should modifications to a student's learning environment be made that are beyond the scope of quality classroom instruction. Education Action Plans are reviewed every quarter to ensure that students are feeling successful in school and academic or behavioral gains are being made.

Reading Teacher

St. Dominic Catholic School is grateful in being able to provide a reading teacher for students who require additional support in reading in grades 1-4. The reading teacher also provides diagnostic testing for individual students when needed. The reading teacher works in collaboration with administration, classroom teachers, and learning support team members to identify and work with students needing support.


St. Dominic Catholic School is committed to increasing the use of 21st century technology and skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. It is the role of the media facilitator to assist teachers in identifying the most appropriate resources to use in order to address specific learning objectives.

It is our goal to provide students with the best access and opportunities to contemporary learning resources to meet the learning goals and objectives of the curriculum. Exposure to various types of media allows students to begin to self-select the appropriate tools for a given assignment. this will better prepare students for the ever-changing world of technology as they move on to high school.

School Counseling

The school counseling program at St. Dominic Catholic School is a character-based program that supports the academic, personal/social, and career development of each student that is in line with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The program offers opportunities for students to learn about themselves and other through classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, and small group counseling.

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