Summer Fun Camp

Open to all children of St. Dominic Catholic Parish age 4-12


St. Dominic Summer Fun Camp honors the family and takes pride in supporting parents as the caregivers of the children. We provide a safe and loving environment where children are valued and cared for. Opportunities for play, field trips, outdoor fun, cooking, experiments, and more will be provided in a supervised setting which functions as an extension of St. Dominic Catholic School. Therefore, all rule and policies are in compliance with that of the school.


Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, and fun environment for the children in our care. Through our interactions with the children, they are able to continue to learn things such as respect, sharing, honesty, and how to treat others well. We look to build relationships with not just the children, but the parents as well. Establishing a trusting relationship with the children and parents helps to ensure that both parent and child is comfortable and happy knowing that their needs are met every day.


June 12 - August 18, 2023 (Closed July 3-5, and 10-14, 2023.)


7:00 AM - 5:45 PM


Registration & Fees

Registration must be received by May 25, 2023 to be eligible for services for the summer of 2023. We charge a non-refundable $40 fee to cover the cost of maintaining our computer system and providing supplies for activities. We understand that schedules change, so we do permit late registrations if space is available.

Scheduled time hourly rate: $8.50 per hour for 1 child. $65 for full day. For second sibling $7.50 per hour, $60 per day. Third + siblings $6.50 per hour, $50 per day.

Late pick up: $1 per minute after 5:50 PM (5:05 PM on Fridays) to be billed in 15 minute increments.

Unscheduled time hourly rate: $10.00 per hour for 1 child, billed in 15 minute increments. Second child, $9.00 per hour, Third + child, $8.00 per hour.

No call/No show: $10 fee plus schedule time.
No call but child(ren) show up for care: $10 fee plus billed at unscheduled rate per child.

Fees are based on scheduled time. Any portion of an hour is rounded to the next quarter hour.

Registration Form

Scheduling & Billing

All Summer Fun Camp schedules are due via email on the Thursday before the week of service. In the event of being closed, the schedule will be due earlier and a reminder will be sent out.

Scheduling and billing are done at the same time each week. The schedule and pre-payment holds your child's space in the program each week. This allows flexibility to serve all families should the need arise. If the schedule is not received on time, the team will determine that no care is needed. Unscheduled space cannot be guaranteed.

Billing is done through Tuition Express. All billing statement are viewable online through your MyProCare account.


If your child becomes ill during their time in the Summer Fun Camp, parents will be notified immediately. If you have kept your child home, please make sure to contact the Summer Fun Camp team as soon as possible. Time is billed, unless 24 hour notice is provided.


If a change needs to be made to your planned Summer Camp schedule, please contact Ms. Kempfer as soon as possible. Families will be credited if there is a camp cancellation.

Any questions or concerns about scheduling or billing can be directed to the coordinator at  or 262.783.7565, Ext. 276.

Schedule Form


  • All children of St. Dominic Catholic Parish are able to attend Summer Fun Camp, both our school students and children of our parish members. 
  • As an extension of the school, all policies and expectations outlined in the Parent and Student Handbook, as well as, the Extended Care Parent Handbook, will be upheld by the Summer Fun Camp team.
  • The safety and security of our children is paramount. All parents are to use the lower level buzzer to gain entry into the building.  Parents and students are not to allow anyone into the building at any time regardless of whether or not they are familiar.
  • When picking up a child from the Summer Fun Camp, please make face time in the Summer Fun Camp classroom and with one of the Summer Fun Camp team members to help ensure a safe exchange in care.
  • Families will be charged for scheduled sessions. If a child should miss their scheduled day during the time when they are to be in the Summer Fun Camp, there will still be a charge.  Please contact Ms. Kempfer if your child is sick.  Families will not be charged if the Summer Fun Camp has had 24 hour notice regarding absence or change in schedule.  Please make every effort to follow your submitted weekly-schedule.
  • Any cancellations made by the Summer Fun Camp will be made by 5:30 a.m. and a call will be made to families notifying them of the cancellation.
  • For cool down points throughout the day, we will be using the cool spots in the school which have air conditioning and we will be engaging in water play activities outside.
  • Although we will be using the whole school, all drop offs and pick-ups must be done at the lower level doors (N5) off of Capitol Drive.
  • Children should provide sunscreen so it can be applied before going outside.
  • Close toed shoes must be worn as to protect toes during any physical activities we will be doing.
  • Children must bring a water bottle each day to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Parent Handbook


Summer Fun Camp Field Trips

Summer Fun Camp Little Friends Calendar

Summer Fun Camp Big Friends Calendar

Summer Fun Camp Team

The Summer Fun Camp Team is comprised of qualified individuals carrying certification an experience in early childhood education all the way through eighth grade.