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You will find enshrined within these walls a history of humble excellence. You will find a tradition of service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is here that you will find all that you cherished about your own Catholic education and all the excellence that Catholic education represents. Here you will find the joy of being a child. It is also here that you will find a respect and a focus on the uniqueness of each student and each family.

St. Dominic Catholic School's enrolls over 400 students in grades K3 through 8.

School Mission Statement

St. Dominic Catholic School is inspiring minds, developing character, and seeking Christ.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that it is our mission as disciples of Jesus Christ to continue His work in order to bring children and families into relationship with Him through instructional programming. By honoring parents as the primary educators of children, we strive to serve the entire family through God-centered, student-focused learning opportunities that benefit the development of the whole child.

Inspiring Minds

We recognize that each child is an exceptional individual with talents and abilities to be developed to each child's potential. We provide an academic and co-curricular environment that challenges each individual and cultivates a desire for a lifetime of learning.

Developing Character

We enhance and support rigorous academics with religious faith and values by encouraging each child's spiritual, creative, physical, psychological, and social growth.

Seeking Christ

Each individual at St. Dominic Catholic School is encouraged to find Jesus in their neighbor, to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through participation in the Mass, prayer, and formational opportunities, and to work to be the hands of Jesus for others. We teach respect, acceptance, and justice for all people in the tradition of Catholic social justice teaching and the gospel message of Jesus Christ.


St. Dominic Catholic School is a viable part of St. Dominic Catholic Parish and comes under the jurisdiction of the Pastoral Council. the school also follows all policies and directives from the Milwaukee Archdiocese Office for Schools, Child and Youth Ministries.

St. Dominic Catholic School has been accredited through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and Wisconsin Non-Public School Accreditation Association (WNSAA). The evaluation process required by the Archdiocese is followed each year in order to maintain School Accreditation.

St. Dominic Catholic School  was awarded Exemplary Status by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

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Professional Qualifications

The administrator and all teachers at St. Dominic Catholic School have academic degrees appropriate for their particular assignments and are certified by the State of Wisconsin. Both administrator and teachers have required Certification in Religion according to Archdiocesan Policy.

Our faculty includes 28 full-time teachers, 3 part-time teachers and 3 aides.

  • 32% of St. Dominic teachers have graduate degrees
  • 74% of St. Dominic teachers have more than 10 years teaching experience.

Test Results

Our students consistently perform a minimum of two years ahead of grade level norms on the Measure for Academic Progress (MAP) and Iowa Basic Skills tests. MAP scores evaluate student academic growth from year to year. The Norm is a national average for each grade level. Teachers use MAP data to help plan instruction and pinpoint individual student needs.


St. Dominic Catholic School employs standards based grading and assessment practices as directed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office for Schools. “Standards based grading and assessment” means that students are graded on what they know and have learned how to do after they were taught a specific content or skill (a “standard”). In standards based grading systems, students, parents, and teachers have more accurate information about exactly what students should be learning and what they actually have learned as a result of instruction. Many school districts across the country utilize standards based grading systems because of the increasing need to ensure that students are learning the concepts and skills they need to be successful and responsible citizens in the 21st century. Other skills and attributes, such as effort, organizational skills, courtesy, and timeliness still matter, of course. In standards based grading, however, the main purpose of a grade is to show what is actually learned.

Grade Levels

As a Catholic School, St. Dominic is truly committed to working for the Lord in all that we do. Our academic programming follows the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office for Schools, Child and Youth Ministry. This curriculum is in line with that of the Department of Public Instruction.

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Safeguarding All God's Family

The goal of the Safeguarding All God's Family program of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is to protect our children and all in the church family from sexual abuse and related dangers.

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As a Catholic school, we are committed to working for the Lord in all that we do.

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