Bus information

Children residing within our parish territory in the Elmbrook, Hamilton, or Pewaukee School Districts are entitled to ride the bus. The boundaries for the school busing system are shown and described below.

  • Northern border: Silver Spring Road
  • Southern border: Green Road/Burleigh Road
  • Eastern border: Pilgrim Road
  • Western border: Hwy 164

Bus behavior expectations

The bus is an extension of our school. All behavior expectations for the school are expected for the bus. Children should remain seated at all times until the bus comes to a complete stop. Only those children getting off the bus should stand to leave. Children are expected to talk with those around them in respectful and polite tones and language. All rules set forth by the bus driver are to be followed. Students failing to comply with the bus driver's rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the principal.

Bus route notification

Students riding home on a different bus to a different location other than their regular route must have a Bus Notification Form from their parent and signed by school office personnel. The approved request will be given to the bus driver. Children will not be permitted as a guest onto a bus without this form, nor will they be allowed off at a different stop on the same route without this form.

Extended Care Drop off

Families arriving to drop off students for the Extended Care Program are able to do so between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:15 am by parking in the north lot off Capitol Drive. Parents need to vacate the north lot by 7:20 am to accommodate the drop off loop.

Morning Drop off

All children arriving to school between 7:30 am and 7:50 am are to be dropped off on the north parking lot off of Capitol Drive. It is recommended that families traveling eastbound on Capitol Drive access the north parking lot via Mountain Drive and the frontage road. It is recommended that families traveling westbound turn into the north parking lot at Imperial Drive. Please see the map below for clarification.


Once the school day begins at 7:50 am, no traffic of any kind is allowed on the north parking lot. Anyone visiting our school between 7:50 am and 2:45 pm is to to park in the south parking lot by the school entrance.

Pick up

At the end of the day, bus riders will be released from the south side of the building to board the buses. Car riders will be released from the doors on the north side of the building. Children will remain behind the designated yellow line until a parent physically retrieves them. Parents must park their car and meet their child near the doors.

If a child misses the bus or a parent/ guardian is late in picking up, the child will be brought to the school office. The parent/guardian will be contacted by phone. Any child left at school after 3:15 will be escorted to Extended Care and parents will have to pay the fee for unregistered use of the service.


Students walking to and from school should do so on the left side of the road facing traffic if a sidewalk is not available. Children who need to cross Capitol Drive should do so at the traffic lights at the intersection of Imperial and Capitol Drives.

Bike Riders

Students riding their bike to and from school should park bikes at the Parish Arts & Activities entrance on the south side of the building. All bikes must be locked to the bike rack. Students may not ride on the school grounds during school hours. Bike helmets are required for all students riding their bikes to and from school. Students are expected to stay at the bike rack until the after school supervising teachers gives permission for bikes to leave.