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St. Dominic Catholic School strives to help students put on the "Armor of God" so they are ready to face all the challenges and opportunities presented by life. We offer rigorous faith formation, intellectual and moral formation, discipline, cultivation of virtues, and God-given skills.

We admit students of any race, color, national origin, and ethnicity, as all are recognized as children of God. We accept all students who are willing and able to live within the religious, academic, behavioral, and attitudinal requirements of the school and whose parents/guardians demonstrate a desire to have the school assist them in their parental role as primary educators of their children.

The education of your child is a partnership between you and the school and we encourage parents/guardians to be actively engaged in the school community.


Registration Procedures

Registration of your child/children is taken as a serious commitment to St. Dominic Catholic School. Registration forms, fees and tuition deposits must be submitted to the school office in accordance with the deadlines stated in the registration packets in order to be considered for admission. New students are admitted according to the following policies:

  1. Children who are presently enrolled as of the present school year. This priority will be forfeited if the children leave the school.
  2. Children of families with siblings currently enrolled in the school who are active, registered parish members.
  3. Children whose parents/guardians are active registered parish members. Enrollment priority for this group will be based on the following order:
    1. Those on the present year's waiting list and who have requested consideration for the coming year.
    2. St. Dominic Catholic School registration form receipt date.
    3. St. Dominic Catholic Parish enrollment date.
  4. Children of St. Dominic teachers and other parish staff members.
  5. Children whose parents/guardians are not registered St. Dominic parish members, in the following order:
    1. Families who were on the present year's waiting list and request consideration for the coming year.
    2. Families of other Catholic parishes.
    3. Families of other religious affiliations.

Early Admission Students

A child must reach the associated kindergarten or first grade age by September 1. Please contact the school principal if you would like to apply to have your child enroll early.

Students with Special Needs

The administration will give careful consideration to the admission of students with special needs in keeping with its mission to teach every student about Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith and its traditions while building a strong foundation of academic excellence, but is not required to enroll, re-enroll or continue the enrollment of students whose needs cannot be met with reasonable accommodations.

New/transfer Students

All new students transferring from another school need to present their most recent report card as evidence of their achievement level. When the transfer is not due to a change of address, the student will be enrolled temporarily while the principal contacts the former school for the reasons for the transfer.

Home school students shall be placed in a grade level following an academic assessment  determined by the principal.

Financial Assistance Students

St. Dominic Catholic School will provide financial assistance in any means possible for students from low income families or those needing temporary assistance based on individual circumstances. Parent/guardians should never hesitate to ask for help when help can and will be provided. See the Tuition Assistance Application on our Resources Page.

Student Acceleration

A student may be accelerated one grade level in exceptional cases. Acceleration should be considered upon the recommendation of the student's teachers and must have the approval of parents. The principal should consult with the Office for Schools prior to making the final decision on an individual student's acceleration.

Utilization of all available local resources within the school and community in the assessment and educational program modifications for the student(s) in question needs to be part of the process. Intellectual, developmental, social, and emotional factors must be taken into consideration before any final decisions are made. Any arrangements for acceleration are on a trial basis for a mutually agreed upon amount of time before becoming permanent.

Non-Catholic Students

Non-Catholic students attending St. Dominic Catholic School will be expected to participate in all religion classes, prayer, and liturgical celebrations. Non-Catholic students will be encouraged to share their particular religious beliefs in order to expand appreciation and understanding of other faith denominations.

Non-Catholic students at St. Dominic will not receive the sacraments of Eucharist or reconciliation because such reception represents a faith commitment to the specific faith tradition of the church to which the liturgy is being celebrated.

Tuition and Fees

All new families will be charged on non-refundable registration fee, which will be applied to your September tuition payment. This non-refundable fee per family will be paid at the time of registration and confirms your intention of registering your child/children at St. Dominic Catholic School. If your child is put on a waiting list and is not able to be enrolled, your fee will be returned to you. 

Currently enrolled families will be charged a non-refundable re-registration fee each year at the time of re-registration that will be applied to your September tuition payment is also required.

To receive parish member tuition, an annual stewardship commitment must be submitted by December of the prior school year.

Tuition is paid one-time, or in 3, 6, or 9  equal payments. Tuition charges for registered parish members are determined by the submission of an annual stewardship commitment. St. Dominic Catholic Parish subsidizes our school. Without this support, operating our school would be nearly impossible. As a result, parents/guardians should take seriously their responsibility of parish financial stewardship.

Tuition  & Fees Contract 

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