For now, St. Dominic Catholic School students will be working online until Monday, April 27. Keep in mind this is a fluid situation. Teachers will be keeping office hours for correspondence and online interaction. On Thursday's, a process for families to pick up packets will be provided.

Extended Care will be available for families who find themselves in extreme need of assistance. 

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Mrs. Jane Zimmerman

School Office Support

Office: 262.783.7565, Ext. 294

Mrs. Zimmerman enjoys hiking, needlework, hot air ballooning and spending time with family. She was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin. She and her husband Chris have two wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter, and daughter-in-law and an amazing granddaughter.

Mrs. Zimmerman started her journey at St. Dominic in 2008, working part time in Extended Care. She took classes in Early Childhood Education to help her in this role. Then she took a position in the school kitchen and lunchroom. She enjoyed seeing and being with all the children every day. The opportunity to work in the school office was offered to her in 2018.