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    Alumni Receive Award

    10/30/19 | Alumni | by Danita Stich

    St. Dominic alumni, Ashley Dentice Miller '97 and Meredith Dentice Johnson '05 will be honored at the Catholic Memorial Legacy Dinner on November 13, 2019, in recognition of their accomplishments and inspiring example of leadership through...

      It's a Wild Life

      8/6/19 | Alumni | by Meg Picciolo

      Scott Zoellick '69 has combined his love of wildlife and nature with his talent for painting. With an eye for detail and an artistic style that captures every nuance of a nature scene his paintings preserve the magic and and emotion of a fleeting...

        Alum Finds Vocation in Teaching

        4/4/19 | Alumni | by Meg Picciolo

        For alum, Kaitlin Trokan '10, her multicultural family fed her interest in other countries and her desire to study abroad, but it was during silent Eucharistic Adoration, that Kaitlin got the the idea of teaching abroad.  The Catholic...

          Alum Releases 3rd Album

          4/4/19 | Alumni | by Meg Picciolo

          Congratulations to alum, Dan Kolesari, who recently released his third music album. We are proud of our Knights who achieve their dreams and inspire others through their life and work.

            Mathematicians Needed

            3/28/19 | Alumni | by Mrs. Jill Fischer

            We are in need of assistance in our learning support in the area of math, most specifically in support of our pre-algebra and algebra students. We would love to connect our students to members of industry or retired professionals in addition to...