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Holy Land Pilgrimage

2/28/20 | School Articles, Hot Topics | by Mrs. Jill Fischer

Holy Land Pilgrimage

    What an amazing experience it was to visit the Holy Land and walk where Jesus walked. Wow! This was a bucket list item for me. I am grateful for having had the opportunity. I am blessed!

    There were many things I experienced and so much I wish to share with the students so that they may grow closer in relationship with Jesus. It is my intent to share pictures with the students of all of the places I visited and things I saw as we journey through Lent. I have
    already begun to do so as I brought back water from the Jordan River. The water was gathered from the place of Jesus's baptism by John the Baptist and was immediately blessed by Fr. Aaron. I have added this water to all the classroom water fonts so the children may specially bless their comings and goings. In the gospel story when Jesus was hanging out with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus at their home in Bethany, Mary anoints Jesus with nard, an expensive perfumed oil of that time. I knew Fr. Aaron purchased nard in the Holy Land, and I borrowed it so that the children might have smelled what Jesus smelled like. It is this kind of sensory connection that made the pilgrimage to Israel so overwhelming and totally awesome.

    Indeed, my Lenten experience, as well as any engagement with Scripture, will be forever changed. I pray that you have something happen for you this Lent that changes you, that alters
    your perspective, and makes you more connected to Jesus than ever before.