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Iowa Test of Basic Skills Results

4/11/23 | School Articles, Knight Pride | by Mr. Francis Dempsey

Iowa Test of Basic Skills Results

    Our third, fifth, and seventh graders just completed the testing process for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. This is a standardized test required by all schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee by the Office for Schools. We continue to see steady performance by our Knights that is consistent with previous years of testing. This test provides a snapshot in time as opposed to the Measure of Academic Testing (MAP) that provides much more useful longitudinal data on a student. The ITBS data, when triangulated with other data points, affirms the work we do every day at St. Dominic.

    As I review the data, namely the National Percentile Rank (NPR), Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE), and Grade Equivalency for our students, there are a few items of note. Our students continue to perform above their grade level in all aspects of testing. The composite score for our third grade students is that of a fourth grade student at the seventh month of school. The composite score for our fifth grade students is that of a seventh grade student during the fourth month of school. The composite score for our seventh grade is that of a tenth grade student during the eighth month of school. This is remarkable! I am especially proud of our seventh grade performance with writing. As a group, they are writing at a level beyond high school! Their math scores were comparable to those students in tenth grade during the eighth month of school. Again, remarkable! There is much to celebrate here at St. Dominic, and I appreciate how our families share that good news so well.