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Why Go to Mass on Sunday?

11/30/21 | Church Articles | by Fr. Tim Schumaker

Why Go to Mass on Sunday?

    “Why do we go to Mass on Sunday? Why do we “have” to go to Mass on Sunday? Why could we not simply go to Mass sometime during the week when it may be more convenient for us?”

    I recently had a conversation with someone about this very question. Now there are various scriptural and theological reasons, but often it is the simplest reason which is the most beautiful and compelling i.e. a baby in a manger.

    The day of Sunday holds a unique place in the week. While it technically is the first day of the week, it often feels like the last as it is the end of the weekend. This time paradox allows for Sunday to be a unique blessing for our relationship with God. For we give God both the first and last “hour” of our week; we begin and end our week with God, we give him the first and last fruits of our labors.

    At the beginning of our week, a week which holds unknown blessings and struggles, we come to Church and offer them all to God. Offering them so that we may be thankful for the blessings when they occur and have the strength to endure the struggles which will arise.

    At the end of the week, a week which held blessings and struggles, we come to Church and lay them all before God. Offering thanksgiving for the blessings received and laying the struggles which burdened us at the altar.

    Why do I go to Mass on Sunday? For no better reason than to find relief from the week gone by and renewal for the week ahead. During Advent, as we prepare for the greatest gift given to us by God, the same gift given to us at every Mass, may we truly recognize what a gift the day of Sunday is.