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Listen. To. Him.

1/25/24 | School Articles | by Mr. Francis Dempsey

Listen. To. Him.

    It is during times like we've experience these late several days that it seems as though the cold, dreary times will be here to stay and that the sun will not shine like it used to. Folks, I promise that those glorious days will be here again before we know it and a radiant light will shine down upon us on the daily. However, until then, we must learn to embrace that which is currently here because we know not when glorious change will come to confront us. I had been pondering the reading from earlier this week that I read about the Transfiguration of Jesus as told in Matthew 17 in which it states that Jesus’ own clothing and appearance had changed right before the eyes of Peter, James, and John: “His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.” It is in this very moment that Jesus is confirmed to be the bridging point between Heaven and earth – the confirmation of his own divinity and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophets/scriptures. And, in that very moment, God spoke to the three of them who were gathered with Jesus in a very concise manner. God said: “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”

    And that was all God said – but such gravitas in those words that were spoken! I am especially drawn to those final three words and how simple a command to give. And, yet, for many it is so very hard to do. Jesus tells us to not harden our hearts against those who are in most need. Yet our world is torn apart by violence, hatred, and bigotry. Jesus tells us to love one another and to forgive those who have wronged us as we expect them to forgive us when we wrong them. Yet pride is a potent poison that seeps deep inside of us and ensnares us mightily. Jesus asks us to give up what we have, pick up the cross, and follow him. Yet we allow ourselves to be dragged and weighed down by material possessions, worries, and uncontrollable forces. As hard as it is we have the greatest guidance in how to alleviate these issues from our hearts and souls:
    Listen. To. Him.
    He hears us – especially when we pray.
    He sees us – in our moments of elation and in our moments of sorrow.
    He loves us – always and forever.