For now, St. Dominic Catholic School students will be working online until Monday, April 27. Keep in mind this is a fluid situation. Teachers will be keeping office hours for correspondence and online interaction. On Thursday's, a process for families to pick up packets will be provided.

Extended Care will be available for families who find themselves in extreme need of assistance. 

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Fine Arts Association

St. Dominic is committed to helping children express themselves through music, art, theater, or dance. Research has shown that children involved in the arts often possess better reasoning and academic skills, and develop better social skills. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Dominic Fine Arts Association is to provide artistic experiences, centered on Christ, which inspires our community to discover, develop, and demonstrate their God-given talents while building the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts.


An activity within the St. Dominic Fine Arts Association (FAA) should demonstrate an artistic skill. It may involve competition, but does not require it. It may include curricular or extracurricular involvement at the discretion of the activity leader. Activities support by the FAA include:

  • Band
  • Strings
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Forensics
How to support the arts

The FAA has been successful due to parish members with a passion for the arts. St. Dominic has a designated fund that supports our mission, which is built on the conviction that the arts can transform lives. The FAA encompasses K3 through grade 8 activities.

Association Leaders

Lisa Fettig
Nicole Fischer
Ted Koth
Becky Lange
Jane Pittman
Glenda Stanlick

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